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Welcome to the official web site of the Paranormal Intelligence Gathering Service otherwise know as the P.I.G.S. We carry out investigations into the paranormal in both public and private dwellings. The founders of our group have over 30 years combined service in the police force, hence the title! Because of that, we try to ensure that any tales of hauntings are actually backed up by evidence. Not just content to sit around in the dark and "call up spooks", we have the full range of equipment to try and find actual evidence of paranormal activity.

Latest News


News Update

Well what a year 2016 turned out to be, we communicated mainly though our social media pages because of developing a new website. The site went off track a bit and was delayed for most of the later part of 2016 however this is back on track now.


Our case file updates can be found on our Facebook team pages.

Our events can be booked though the UK Ghost Store.


Our new site will be along (fingers crossed) in March 17.


Our contact information is still active and correct .


We wish you all a fantastic 2017 and we will see you though our new site soon.


Best wishes !

Tim and team















News Update

Well another year ! We are currently in the process of updating this website and are looking forward to launching in the first quarter of 2016. This current site was published in 2011 and has served us well. Although we feel we have a lot more to offer through new methods available these days on the internet.


Events, Our events are listed on our ghost store now you can find these here.


Our Ghost Store can be found by clicking any prodyct features here and will link you though to the new ghost stre site.


We look forward to seeing you on our new site very soon :)


News Update


The Case files for Field Place 15 and Courtlands have now been published. The Heaver Castle event results, Through the night at Heaver we conducted four sessions. Seance and Automatic Writing, EVP, Thermal imaging & photography and ITC. We have been though all of the collected data from the night and there are no hits of a paranormal nature on any of the recordings. The Seance sessions were interesting with lots of people experiencing strange occurrences however none of this was recorded .


Wymering Manor and Valentines Mansions case files will be published as soon as possible as currently this is the data which is being examined.


We have also started drawing up plans for a whole new PIGS web site as this one has served us well for the passed six years but is desperately in need of a refresh which we are planing for early 2016.


News Update


The month of October will be the busiest month yet in the PIGS history, with Field Place on the 9th an special corporate event on the 16th, Wymering Manor on the 24th and Valentines Mansion on the 31st with a special corporate mission also taking place on the 31st.


We have handed the management of our PIGS Facbook page to Audrey from team Alpha Charlie as we found it tough to keep this up to date with all the other social media channels we have. We didn't want to neglect it, and Audrey is doing a fantastic job with it so if you would like to be part of the now quite lively page hop over to Facebook and give it a like. We also run a PIGS Facebook group and two research pages along with Twitter and Instarame.


The Ghost Store is doing great with new lines arriving virtually every month we now stock over 100 lines (although keeping them all available 100% of the time is proving a challenge mainly because of the speed in which some of these lines sell out V's how long it takes to get them to the UK in the first place) We launched the New Ghost store back in May with a massively improved shopping experience for the user and we know people like it because we have seen many people returning time after time.


Case file updates

Castle Cornet is 95% finished and wil be out today (research content wil be added later)


We suffered a hard drive issue earlier in the year which has prevented us from updating Valentines 14, Explosion 14, Field Place 14, and Hippodrome 15. However this defective hard drive has been send away to see if any of the data can be recovered, and we remain hopeful the data can be retrieved .


We are currently looking for a graphic designer for a minor rebrand of a project, if this is your thing please get in touch !


News Update


Today we launch a new Ghost Store, Our ghost store has done so well but we felt it was restricted in the shopping experience that it could deliver. Today we are very pleased to finaly bring you the UK Ghost Store . take a look by clicking on the image below .

Link to the UK Ghost Store.


News Update


While on the surface I'm sure the PIGS look quiet, behind the scenes I can assure you its busy in preparation for the event teams 2015. We have a few new locations we haven't been to before, waiting to be published but this will take place after the teams new year get together in early March.


The Ghost Store is busy as ever with a lot happening, there will be a new look to the Ghost Store coming soon which will include some new categories from the on line business we acquired late last year and as ever some fascinating gadgets. Apparitions Technologies are back to work but only at about 30% production output after their not so smooth change of premises at the change of the year but we wish them good luck and look forward to receiving our order we places late last year.



New Update

As the new year starts we have been making plans for 2015, We would like to visit some different places this year and have been in contact already with several location we haven't had the pleasure of investigating yet. The Ghost Store has a few plans of its own also with a refurbishment planed for the early part of the year and already we are seeing new lines appear . Dan Fonseca has chosen to leave the PIGS, we wish him well and would like to thank him for the events he attended as team leader Delta Foxtrot.



News update

With the completion of the Herm Island charity event, the PIGS investigation / events team are now on their well deserved winter break we will see them in action again in the spring 2015. The Ghost Store open 24 / 7 has some exciting new products in and we are looking forward to the next dispatch from Apparitions Technologies in January. With big plans for the expansion of product range for 2015 after the successes of 2014. We would all like to wish YOU a very merry but safe, family Christmas :-) .



We are investigating the Island of Herm this coming November, also know as the island of the dead. Herm is situated just off the coast of Guernsey.Many many reports of monks, pirates and a whole host of other disturbing ghost sighting's over the years. We will be there doing back to back investigations which you can come on. These are all in aid of the charity Guernsey Cheshire home, so get your friends to sponser you to come on this unique ghost hunt and support a worthy cause.

Flyer for the Haunted Herm event





News update

We hope you have all been enjoying your summer holidays, there has been a fair bit going on here at the too.

The PIGS Ghost Store (click image top of left column) are now an officially authorised dealer for the famous K-II meter.

image of K-II autherised dealer


We have teamed up with Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe to offer a workshop day at Tutbury castle on the 6th of December with a ghost hunt in the evening.

Ghost hunters workshop 6th December 2014



Congratulations from all of us.

Congratulations to team leader Lib and her now husband Mark on their wedding . This has to be the coolest wedding cake ever !



News Update

Between May and the end of June we have completed two events; Field Place and Brighton Cells. The investigation data from Field Place is available in the case file section and Brighton Cells will be uploaded in the coming days.

Congratulations to Chris Domaille for earning his Jack (a union jack worn on the sleeve of a PIGS shirt awarded for becoming a team leader) Well done Chris.



The Ghost store has very busy with exports and sales with two consecutive record breaking months in a row, with new lines and new package deals and more new lines to come soon its a very exciting time in the Ghost Store.


Our next event will be a return trip to Elizabeth Castle in Jersey in aid of a local charity then its straight back to the mainland for the Yesterdays World event on the 26th of July.

Other news we are about to start a recruitment drive for team leaders, if you're interested to find out more about this please contact Tim via the contacts page.



News Update

The Case File from the Hippodrome event is complete, with a few interesting instances. The Case File from Field Place is progressing, this will contain the footage from our head cam experiment, the psychic art, scrying experiments and all the standard content you would expect to find in our case files. We are currently working on a few new ventures in the channel islands and will soon be releasing a very exciting list of events for October and November.


The Ghost Store is doing very well and has good stock depth after almost selling out at the beginning of the year! We are expecting several new lines to be with us in time for the beginning of June. The Ghost Store now has its own Facebook Page where we put more regular updates about new stock, item specs and general chat about products and reviews.



P.I.G.S Set the Challenge

Richard Case, the UK's independent ghost Challenger, asked us here at the P.I.G.S if we could find a location for him to do one of his challenges where he spends the night on his own with a camera. This normally then features on Richard's Facebook page for his followers to view.

Image design by Danimay Palmer.




News Update General

Feb / March has again been a hectic time with plenty going on in the background, new strategies for research, live streaming, and team operations. The case studies have had a face lift too as we start to go forward with our vision of 'ease of use', a policy where we try to enhance the PIGS website to give our users the best online experience. Keep your eyes on the media- you might just see us pop up a fair bit in the coming months!


News Update Events

Valentines Mansion, Brighton Cells and Hylands House case files have now been updated with the new data published from our recent visits. New dates and venues will be added for the latter part of 2014 soon- including our Halloween event.


News Update Ghost Store

Apparitions Technology are looking to dispatch our order in the next 10 days so there should be much more available stock soon.


New lines of Full Spectrum camcorders will soon be listed under £99


We are looking at some of the old style paranormal experiments and seeing if we can bring any of these up to date. We have also spoken to Apparitions Technology about developing several new pieces of equipment which will take on board the old theory but incorporate ease of use (less mad scientist!).



News Update

Currently we are working on the Hylands House and Brighton cells case files. We are also looking at ways to integrate the case files from the same location; for example Brighton cells has had three separate investigations and we are trying to put all this data in the same place.


Tim and Debbie will be at the Valentines Mansion body and soul day on the 16th of February, so if you fancy seeing some of the stuff we have to offer in the PIGS Ghost Store then pop along and have a look. Tim is always ready to explain how they work- he loves his gadgets!


The Valentines Mansion event on the following weekend 22nd is looking good and still has places available for what promises to be great night and an absolutely unforgettable Valentines gift if you fancy treating your loved one. If not, then come anyway and have a fun packed night of Ghost investigation at this very historic location with its many mysterious tales.


Stock due in from Apparition Technology for the Ghost Store is a bit late to arrive with a delayed dispatch due to the various fires that occur across Australia at this time of year. Apparition Technologies were seriously affected and we at the PIGS are grateful no one was harmed as they had to evacuate their premisses for a lengthy period of time while fire crews brought the area fires under control. This has not only affected them, but also the parts chain which is causing even more delays. I've been assured by Apparition Technologies that they are looking to dispatch to us as fast as they possibly can which is admiral considering their circumstances.





NEW Ghostlands Episode



P.I.G.S Amy & Tim take part in Ghostlands.

Ghostlands is a project headed by Dr Ciaran O'keeffe. Amy and Tim from the PIGS were lead investigators on this project . See the You Tube episode below




Here is Amy and Tim's perspective on the investigation with Ghostands.









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