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Since issue one the PIGS have been writing for Ghost Voices magazine. it came about when Tim heard that there was going to be a new paranormal magazine, He contacted them asking if they could feature useful information such as great kit, a groups guide to getting insurance, also hints and tips etc etc. Lisa Evens the Editor replied saying that she felt it was a good idea and asking if the PIGS could cover such angles in articles published in Ghost Voices. Tim agreed and started along with Amy and Matt to write articles for the magazine ghost Voices Magazine rapidly became the UK's biggest Ghost specialist magazine, in the many issues publishes you will see below what we covered and when it was published. Most issues are available on a back order system, so visit ghost Voices web site for details... but remember to come back to our site when your finished :-)

The Magazines


Issue 1

GV issue 1

Our article called Lights, Camera, Action takes an in depth look at Camcorders, Infrared lighting, CCTV, Digital Video Recorders and software from a paranormal investigators point of view, the objective of the article was to help people looking to purchase equipment make the right choices and not waste money on equipment that simply wont do the job you will need on an investigation.

Published Feb 2009 page 56 / 57

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Issue 2
GV 2




Our article titled 'The Camera never lie's...or does it? looks at cameras from a paranormal investigators point of view. we review the difference between point and shoot cameras, Super zoom and SLR types that covers digital and film, Lens', Batteries, mega pixels and optical V's digital zoom also hints and tips.

Published April 2009 page 56 / 57

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Issue 3
GV issue 3



Our article titled 'Testing Testing 123' takes a look at Audio recording equipment phones, dictaphones, analogue recorders, and various audio analyzing software. We offer some simple techniques of best practice and again try to help inform people that are looking to buy one of these devises make the rigt choice for them.

Published June 2009 page 54 / 55

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Issue 4
GV 4




Our article Tittles ' You're Live on TV please don't swear '  takes a step by step look at how you set up a live TV stream to your web site to enable people the be able to feature their investigations live or on pre recorded video direct to their web sites.

Published August 2009 page 54 / 55

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Issue 5
GV 5




Our article titled 'Things, Bits and Stuff' looks briefly at various experiments that paranormal investigators may want to try using various pieces of kit. we cover Radio experiments TV experiments, stuff with clocks, Audio lights, plasma balls etc etc.

Published October 2009 page 54 / 55

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Issue 6
GV 6




Our article titled 'Get Your Facts Strait!' was an in depth look at how to conduct research and where to look for information, it also covers the way we research locations from the first brick to its present day, covering people , events, and ownership, time in dereliction etc etc then it explores how to match your investigation data to the ghosts that are reported.

Published December 2009 page 56 / 57 Click on image for article

Issue 7

This edition featured our event at Preston Manor which was our first event help with Anthony Nolan, The report covered a brief history, some Ghostly investigation data, and some post investigation information on the family that seems to haunt the location.

Our regular article tittles Turn on Tune out Listen in takes a look at electronic communications with ghosts using various pieces of equipment and white noise experiments

Published February 2010 pages 26,27,28,29 & 54,55 Click on image for article

Issue 8
GV 8




Our article titled 'And Here's one i made earlier' is a response to a question we often get asked on how do you set up an investigation team, in this issue we simply give some simple step that the PIGS followed to set up the group and some working best practice and some team work hints and tips .

Published April 2010 page 56 / 57

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Issue 9
GV 9




Ghost Voices gets a face lift and a re design our article titled 'Is There an Atmosphere in here' goes back to looking at Paranormal investigation kit and features The Mell Metre The Environment Meter and the next big thing the DAS RT - EVP a real tile EVP recorder.

Published June 2010 page 32 / 33

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Issue 10
GV 10




Our article titled 'Something in the Air Tonight' looks in depth at Franks Box, Paranormal Systems mini Box Plus and the radio Shack Hack, it explores the methods used by these devices to communicate in real time with ghosts, the theory and the practical

Published August 2010 page 48 / 49

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Issue 11
GV issue 11




Our article in issue eleven especially for Halloween takes a look at the thirteen signs of a haunted house, We deliberately dropped the techno gadgets for this special edition.

Published October 2010 . Pages 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

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Issue 12




Our article in issue twelve is the investigation of Battery Mirus in Guernsey published December 2010.  it's an inside look to a P.I.G.S event and an account of our discoveries



Published December 2010. Pages 14, 15, 16, 17.

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Issue 13
issue 13



Our article in issue Thirteen is a look at temperature data collected by paranormal investigators. Titled Are You Sure Than Being Cool is Actually Cool the article examines issues with a one dimensional data collection approach and talks about the way combined equipment can give stronger evidence of paranormal temperature change.


Published February 2011 Pages 16, 17. Click on image for article

Issue 14




Our article in issue Fourteen is a look at the Mel Meter 8704. Titled But does it make the tea the article examines and gives a personal account by Matt Laker who is the groups historic research specialist


Published April 2011 on pages 20, 21.

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Issue 15




Our article in issue Fifteen is a look at iDevise applications of apps titled How to keep the Ghosts Appy the article looks at a selection of apps and examines the possible usage and the credibility of them as entertainment applications.


Published June 2011 on pages 14, 15

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Issue 16



Our article in issue sixteen is a look at a repeat investigation and how to take it a step further, how to refine your search for evidence. Called Remixed Remasterd Recut. Also in this issue you will find an interview with our very own Tim Brown as he talks through paranormal stuff with the interviewer.


Published August 2011 on pages 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

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Issue 17



Our article in issue 17 called unplugged is a look at the none electrical gadgets such as dowsing rods pendulum crystals etc


Published October 2011 on pages 34,35

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Issue 18





Our article in issue 18 of Ghost Voices magazine is called Dear Santa. The article is a list and in site into things you might buy your paranormal friends for Christmas.


Published November 2011 on pages 14, 15

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Issue 19
Ghost Voices Magazine issue 19 front cover




Our article in issue 19 of Ghost Voices magazine is called "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" its a look at how to compile evidence and how to make evidence compelling


Published January 2012 48,49,50

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Issue 20
Ghost Voices Magazine issue 20 front cover




Our article in issue 19 of Ghost Voices magazine is called Technically its taking the hiss The article is about processing EVP recordings with hints and tips discovered over the years.












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