Paul Godfree: Paranormal Intelligence Officer

Paul Godfree co founder Paranormal Investigation Group Sussex



Investigation experience






Member of the month January 2007 for outstanding contribution during the Binsted wood investigation.


About me:

I run my own electrical company called PG Electrical which deals with both commercial and domestic electrics.



To ensure that the P.I.G.S runs as a business venture generating revenue to fund future investigations. Looking into ways and means to market the group and the products we use. Also to ensure that the P.I.G.S name gets out and about. Marketing future venues and predicting future financial revenue streams the P.I.G.S. can capitalise on. The mission is all about keeping the P.I.G.S operating to allow meaningful factual investigations. Using all our experiences in this field to bring you the evidence of paranormal activity, in any Investigational place we may be at. Good structural evidence will make the P.I.G.S a success.



I believe I bring a level-headed enthusiasm and workable ideas to the group as a whole. My strengths are enthusiasm, determination and level headedness. I like to think I bring some lateral thinking to the P.I.G.S.



I like to think that I bring loads of ideas, fresh thinking, enthusiasm and questions to the group. I have a great knowledge of electrical goods from TV’s to fridges and of course our own technical gadgetry. I am also very interested in photography, video editing and sound engineering and I have experience of working in a recording studio and live sound production. My strengths are determination, consideration, ability to think differently and the fact that I never take anything for granted.


What the role involves:

My role is to generate fresh and future funding through our activities to fund further investigations. Also to monitor spending and financial restraints. My other roles are to advise the group on technical restraints and to overcome electrical technical difficulties. To lead any group through the tour and instruct them how we investigate the paranormal. Using our detection equipment, I also try to obtain captured image evidence of paranormal activities.

Post investigation, it is my responsibility to follow up any leads that came from the investigation itself, and pass those on to the appropriate person for research. Once any further details have been discovered, I will put them into the case file for uploading to this web site.



Special interests:

The unknown, crypto zoology, beers and kebabs!



"Vote Oink, the crypto zoological pig"










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