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Welcome to the official web site of the Paranormal Intelligence Gathering Service otherwise know as the P.I.G.S. We carry out investigations into the paranormal in both public and private dwellings. The founders of our group have over 30 years combined service in the police force, hence the title! Because of that, we try to ensure that any tales of haunting's are actually backed up by evidence. Not just content to sit around in the dark and "call up spooks", we have the full range of equipment to try and find actual evidence of paranormal activity.

Latest news


Congratulations from all of us.

Congratulations to team leader Lib and here now husband Mark on their wedding . This has to be the coolest wedding cake ever !



News Update

Between May and the end of June we have completed two events Field Place and Brighton Cells, the investigation data from Field Place is avalible in the case file section and Brilghton Cells will be uploaded in the comming days.

Congratulations to Chris Domaille for earning his Jack (a union jack worn on the sleave of a PIGS shirt awarded for becoming a team leader) Well done Chris.



The Ghost store has very busy with exports and sales with two consecutive recordbreaking months in a row, with new lines and new package deals and more new lines to come soon its a very exciting time in the Ghost Store.


Our next event will be a return trip to Jersey and Elizabeth Castle in aid of a local charity then its strait back to the mainland for the Yesterdays World event on the 26th of July.

Other news we are about to start a recruitment drive for team leaders, if your interested to find out more about this please contact Tim via the contacts page.



News Update

The Case File from the Hippodrome event is complete, with a few interesting instances. The Case File from Field Place is progressing, this will contain the footage from our head cam experiment the psychic art and scrying experiments and all the standard content you would expect to find in our case files. We are currently working on a few new ventures in the channel islands, and will soon be releasing a very exciting October and November list of events.


The Ghost Store is doing very well and has good stock depth after almost selling out at the beginning of the year, we are expecting several more new lines to be with us in time for the beginning of June. The Ghost Store now has its own Facebook Page where we put more regular updates about new stock item specks and general chat about products.



P.I.G.S Set the Challenge

Richard Case the UK's independent ghost Challenger asked us here at the P.I.G.S if we could find a location for him to do one of his challenges in where he spends the night on his own with a camera, this normally then features on Richards Facebook page for his followers to view.

Image design by Danimay Palmer.




News Update General

Feb / March has again been a hectic time with plenty going on in the background, new strategies for research, live streaming, and team operations. The case studies have had a face lift as we progress with our vision of ease of use policy where we are trying to enhance the PIGS user experience that little bit more. Keep your eyes in the media you might just see us pop up a fair bit in the coming months .


News Update Events

Valentines Mansion, Brighton Cells, Hylands House case files have now all the data published in them from our recent visits. New dates and venues will be added for the latter part of 2014 soon including our Halloween event.


News Update Ghost Store

Apparitions Technology are looking to dispatch our order in the next 10 days so there should be much more avalible stock soon.


New lines of Full Spectrum camcorders will soon be listed under £99


We are re looking at some of the old style paranormal experiments and seeing if we can bring any of these up to data, we have spoken to Apparitions Technology about developing several new pieces of equipment which will take on board the old theory but incorporate ease of use (less mad sientist).



News Update

Currently we are working on the Hylands House and Brighton cells case files, We are also looking at ways to integrate the case files from the same location, for example Brighton cells has had three separate investigations and we are trying to put all this data in the same place.


Tim and Debbie will be at the Valentines Mansion body and soul day on the 16th of February, so if you fancy seeing some of the stuff from the Ghost Store pop along and have a great day while you visit.


The Valentines Mansion event on the following weekend 22nd is looking good and still has places available for what looks to be great night, and an absolutely unforgettable Valentines gift if you fancy treating your loved one. If not then come anyway and have a great night of Ghost investigation at this very historic location with its many misterous tales.


Stock due in from Apparition Technology for the Ghost Store is a bit late to arrive with a delayed dispatch dur to the various fires that creap across Australia at this time of year, with Apparition Technologies being seriously affected, We are grateful no one was harmed they had to evacuate their premissis for a substantial period of time while fire crews brought the area firess under control, this has not only affected them but also the parts chain which is also causeing delay. I'm assured by Apparition Technologies that they are looking to disspatch to us as fast as they possibly can.





NEW Ghostlands Episode



P.I.G.S Amy & Tim take part in Ghostlands.

Ghostlands is a project headed by Dr Ciaran O'keeffe. Amy and Tim from the PIGS were lead investigators on this project . See the You Tube episode below




Here is Amy and Tim's perspective on the investigation with Ghostands.



November Summary

The month of November has been one of the busiest in the history of the PIGS. We welcome Dan, Lucy and Chris to the team. We have hosted 5 public ghost hunts. The Ghost Store has been busier than ever and we currently are working on a number of case files.



Leaf Hall Event

The P.I.G.S are pleased to be able to announce that through our event at Leaf Hall Eastbourne we were able to present them with a cheque for £720 . The evening went well and the results will be published as soon as we can via our case file section .



The Leaf Must Not Fall Campaign

The PIGS have joined the campaign to help try and save Leaf Hall, We ill be holding a public Ghost Hunt at the location in Eastbourne with all funds raised going to the campaign which will repair the roof of the 149 year old building in time for its 150th anniversary next year. If you want to come along click here



News Update

We would like to formaly welcome Dan and Lucy to the team, they will start their new roles as Paranormal Intelligence Officers mid September 2013. Dan and Luck are already highly experienced investigators with over 10 years each in this subject and as such will expand our capabilities as a team.


Brighton Police Cells is our next adventure, with the date fast approaching, for those that have booked their place we will be sending out joining info in the week before the event.


The Ghost Store has new lines added with some more exciting equipment on its way, and we look forward to field testing some of these pieces of quipment soon.





Yesterday's World

The Yesterday's World case file is currently being examined and some data has been uploaded to the site. The expected completion data is around August 24th .



Explosion Event

Thank you to everybody that attended the Explosion Ghost event, it was a great night and we are very appreciative of the lovely testimonials left by you all. We will be going through the 48 hrs of CCTV footage, the 6 hours of audio the environment data and all the other stuff collected from the various recording devices which were running through the night very soon. Next up for us are a couple of our private cases Operation Ouija and Operation Underground which we hope to be able to bring news on soon.


Our Field Place case file is almost at conclusion with the final pieces of research coming in shortly so we will launch the court room for that in the coming weeks.


Next up on a ghost event is Yesterdays World on 20th July then its a summer break through August as far as investigations go but the Ghost Store will be running as normal.




Next Event.

On the 29th of June 2013 we will be at the Explosion Museun of fire power. its a massive location with over 12 different haunting's witnessed in recent years.

Come with us, by clicking on the 'Next Public Event' image to the right, check out the 'Next Event Video' for a flavour of the location.



Field Place event case file

The Field Place 13 case file is coming on nicely with EVP captures, Debbie Deans psychic art images, environmental data, all uploaded. There is more to come and will be in place over the next week or so.


Join The Team

The P.I.G.S are looking to form an online research team. If you are interested in becoming part of the team regardless of your location please email us at or message us on Facebook or Twitter.



Looking for help on research.

We are currently trying to find out as much as possible about Worthing West Sussex in connection to smugglers, locations known for smuggling, names, dates, anything at all. If you have a knowledge of a smuggling story or fact from history please let us know or if you know somebody that is likely to have some knowledge on this part of Worthing's history we would very much like to hear from you. Please either contact us via email of via our social media channels. Thank you in advance The P.I.G.S




Quick News update.

Realising that we have been very busy and haven't updated our very own website news feed occurred to me only 5 minutes ago, so heres the latest.

Field Place event is 11th May and shaping up to be a fascinating visit to Worthings very haunted old manor house. We will be trying to establish not only the ghosts but who they are, there is still an opportunity to join us by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the Field Place event picture.


Operation Curve is still being monitored along with Operation Ouija and the latest intelligence will be published in their case files shortly.


There are some fascinating pieces of new investigation equipment in the Ghost Store, have a look if you have a few minutes if not dont forget to check back soon.


Currently we are working on several projects that we hope will be publishable late summer but until then keep your eye out for operation Incubuss which has a four article publication coming soon.



Have a go at the PIGS facebook compertition.

Enter our facebook page by clicking the picture or the thumbs up icon top right, then place your guessed square to win goodies from our Ghost Store.

Spot the Ball





Be an Investigator for a night at FIELD PLACE

Experienced or just interested this is for you. Your chance to become an investigator of ghosts for a night with the PIGS team at Field Place. click the image below for more details.



Paul and Tim revisit Operation Ouija.

The P.I.G.S sent two intelligence gathering officers to a private address to investigate claims of, things being moved, people being watched from various corners by a black shadow figure, people being watched by an unidentified face in the windows and various recordings of voices belonging to persons unknown. The owners are convinced that the phenomena is as a direct result of their collection of around nine Ouija boards. As of yet we have retrieved no data on this case apart from the witness statements taken from those who live in the location. We have given guidance and training on several pieces of equipment which we have provided and formed an investigation plan that will span possibly several months. We will keep you posted on how this case unfolds.




New Online Ghost Store







Don't miss One Foot Out of the Grave


ONE FOOT OUT OF THE GRAVE this week 20.02.13 welcomes TIM BROWN from Tim is the founder of this group and does it as a full time job. Join us as we find out how the paranormal and Tim and his group are doing int he UK. Showtime is 8 - 10 pm Central, 9 - 11 pm Eastern and 6 - 8 pm Pacific. And most importantly, we have a new home where we broadcast from. Here is the direct link to our show: Please do not go to the old link as we will not be there. We hope to see you all there....




Congratulations Matt & Charlie

P.I.G.S Paranormal Intelligence officer Matt and his Lady Charlie, had a little boy today Dylan, all three are doing well and we wish them all the very best.

And WOW look at those PJ's :-)




The PIGS Goodies Corner

Not long now until the re launch of the PIGS Goodies Corner. We have been hard at it sourcing stock from as far away as Australia, Germany, France, Poland, trying to get the best possible quality goods to line up for you in the new look PIGS shop area, with over 50 new lines from the beautiful to the out right weird and even antique items we hope to give you insperation as you search for your ghostly goodies.



Operation Curve

Tonight we conduct the first stekeout of 2013 with a visit to an East London address. We hope to be ready to start by 10PM and if possible will give live updates via twitter, so why not give us a tweet between 10PM and 1AM @PIGScouk




Apparition Technologies

We have just struck an exciting deal with Australian company Apparition Technologies for some very interesting and new pieces of kit to be made available in the UK through the PIGS shop. We are very excited about this because these items are not available in the UK and will be custom builds especially for us. We will be redeveloping the PIGS shop shortly with a much wider range of goods of mostly exclusive items from the scientific to the spiritual. We also hope to be bringing you a host of events, the publication of Operation Charlie and Operation Curve.



A Christmas Message from the P.I.G.S

We would like to thank all our visitors for clicking out front door so to speak and wish you all the very best in Health, Hope and Happyness through this festive period and through 2013. Kindest Regards, The P.I.G.S Team :-)



Hylands House case file and other news.

Well the Hylands House case file is taking shape behind the scenes with some points of intrigue. We thought instead of drip feeding the info out we would attempt to complete the case and launch the file all in one, so while it may look as though all is quiet i can assure you lots are going on.


Operation incubus, Tim attended the scene with Medium Debbie Deen in the capacity of observer and advisor. This case we hope is now closed however should anything further come to light we will of course update you.


We will be travelling to operation Curve early in the new year to see if we can capture anything in a re-playable evidence format after studying this case for a few months now we feel we are getting closer to its Modus Operandi and are in a good place to wisely target our evidence gathering efforts.


Operation Charlie will resume in January also with a further data scoop and a fresh effort to learn the history behind this quite fascinating case.


Last but but no means least our most complex case Operation Earwig will hopefully conclude, due to its sensitive nature we have kept the detail away from the internet however we will be happy to publish once all parties have given us consent.




Hylands House

Thank you to everyone who took part, helped and talked about this event it the end all went extremely well, it was great to se so may familiar faces from previous events, and of course meet many new ones including Tony from Team Green, John from NIPG, Becky from CPI, and many other great people from other teams. Over the next few days / weeks we will be examining the various pieces of data we have caught to see if anything of note has been captured in a repayable format. Keep and eye on the Hylands House case file and or follow us or join us on Facebook and Twitter .



Quick update

last night we had a meeting about various things bits and stuff, we welcomed our new recruit to the group Jo, and we even managed to get Tory to agree to provide her info for her profile page woohoo its finally done.


We have launched a Page on Facebook which we can link to our twitter account and operate it differently to our Facebook group page. We will be publishing the run up to Hylands House event via this page with a daily photo and update



The Essex trip

Amy, Kevin and Tori made the trip to Chelmsford last Saturday, the mission was to hand out leaflets about our event with Chelmsford city council to raise awareness, although they didn't get as far as the Sugar Hut their mission was a fantastic success in terms of meeting people and local business. The PIGS would like to say a huge thank you to all the people they met for your warm welcome and we very much look forward to conducting our first investigation event in the county of Essex.



News update.

Currently we are hard at work on private cases Operation Curve, Operation Charlie, Operation Incubus, and two others that haven't as yet been assigned an operations name. Also we are in the preparation phase for the Hylands House event which will be on the 17th of November, its a fascinating place with something for the experienced and first time investigator. We have partnered up with Chelmsford city council who own the building to bring a fantastic night of paranormal investigation for everybody, for further information visit




Hylands House public investigation

On the 17th of November 2012 you have the chance to join us with Chelmsford City Council and investigate the Ghosts of Hyland House. To book your place please visit Chelmsford City Councils web page HERE.



Field Place Case file launched

Today we have launched the case file for Field Place, please take a few minutes to visit the case file on line look at the various pieces of evidence and then go to the PIGS court room on the case file for your chance to vote on weather you feel Field Place is Haunted or not based on our findings.



Field Place May 2012

The case file for this event will be uploaded to the site between 05 Sept and 09 Sept we will announce through our various channels once its live to view.


We will also be publishing information for Hyland House very shortly.



The Great Facebook Ghost Hunt.

We are holding a Facebook ghost hunt for any member of our Facebook page. If you would like to know more details please follow the Facebook link and join our page.





Ok people of the PIGS site I'm interested in your views on a specific kind of phenomena, (attachment haunting) where instead of a location being haunted its a person, the phenomena will occur in any location this person is in ??

We would dearly like to hear from you if you have ever heard of or encountered this phenomena . Please email or text or message our hot line 07580 129102





Quick update

Some of you may have noticed a lack of activity over the last 5 weeks, well we can assure you that we haven't vanished. We have been looking at new things to do, places to visit and examining a code of ethics.


The case file for Field Place is I'm afraid behind schedule however we will get this work done and published as soon as possible (we haven't forgotten it).


Some other stuff we are now in possession of the PIGS Land Rover Defender 'Thirsty' and we will be looking into how to make her the ultimate investigation partner over the coming months. Matt is in the process of moving house and becoming a first time dad (congratulations to him and his lady Charlie).


Lauren has also moved house after the arrival of her new daughter Izzy (congratulations to Lauren and her husband Matt). Paul is enjoying being a house husband (lucky boy Paul).


Tim Paul and former PIG Johan went on an investigation to Claphem Woods recently just for fun it was nice to see the original three PIGS guys re visit the early days and they actually tell us they have captured a ladys voice in the woods, On another note the would like to say a massive Hello to the thousands of visitors coming from Stumbaledupon over the passed few days you are doing our goggle ranking no harm at all :-) We will be updating you on 'Thirstys' progress and completing the Field Place case file very soon.



P.I.G.S Hot line.

We have set up a number which can be called or text 24hrs a day. The objective of this line is for anybody that would like to ask us anything. It's a 24hrs text and voice mail and we will do our very best to respond asap to any requests left. The number is 07580 129102.



Field Place Event fast approaching.

On the 12th of May the P.I.G.S team will be back at Field Place, Our mission is to complete the case file, name the suspects and launch the court room. It promises to be an interesting night if the last event there was anything to go by if you would like to come along click the 'New Public Events' link on the left.




PIGS Post Brief for 2012


After a recent team meeting the following objectives were agreed.


Operation Event, this is about finding quality locations for public investigation, we will add locations as soon as we have publication clearance.


Operation Thirsty, this is about the specification of a mobile control vehicle which we aim to purchase and kit out with things that will aid us with communications and investigations for outdoor locations.


Operation Identify, this is an investigation objective where the key focus will be identifying the suspects connected to a haunting.


We will keep you posted on these three objectives as they progress.






New Update.

We are looking for a Sussex haunted location to host an in aid of Anthony Nolan event sometime around September. Please message us if there is somewhere in Sussex you would like to investigate and we will look into the possibility of hosting this event there.


The next public investigation event will be Field Place on the 12th of May please click on the new public events picture on the left for details.






Quick Update

Hello though i would place a quick update as to what's going on in the PIGS. Currently we are very pleased to be ranking in the top twenty of The Best of Eastbourne's most loved businesses, this has been achieved by people leaving testimonials about their contact with the PIGS, so a massive Thank you to the lovely people that have given us a mention. if you would like to help us here please click on our links page then click on the Best of link each testimonial gets entered into a free prize draw until 14th of February so good luck,


Other news : Two locations confirmed dates with us one of which i can name now as Field Place in Worthing which is 12th May 2012 this will give us a great opportunity to investigate the loose ends from the previous event last October there, Details on how you can attend will be here shortly.


Another date for the diary will be 17th of November i cant name the location as yet because of their marketing clauses but is a great place and a first ever investigation in a very large historic house.


Paul Godfree has lost all his contacts from his phone or at least thats what he says so if anybody finds any lost contacts be sure to send them on to him.


Matt Laker has a serious cold and has been in bed for last few days although he sounded perfectly fine when i spoke to him on the phone earlier


Lauren is about to start her maternity leave and we will see her back sometime in late November congratulations Mr and Mrs Fry we will keep you posted as to babys name weight etc .




Happy New Year


Hello and thank you for having a peep at our site, heres a quick update on whats going on behind the scenes at We are currently working on trying to improve this site, for those of you that remember the older PIGS site will know that this is a massive upgrade on that, however the site performance isnt what we expected or are willing to accept, so there is a lot of work going on to improve it under the hood so to speak.


There are several projects in the pipeline which will include never been investigated high profile locations, and also some old favourites. We are looking for a location for the end of January as we have a request from a documentary maker that would like to feature us and the chosen location for a televised project.


We are hoping to get everybody together again soon so we can bash out some ideas for 2012.




News update

November has been a very busy month here at PIGS HQ, we have been listed in 'The Best of Eastbourne' business listings which is a web site that lists good well run local businesses and celebrates them on the web, (thank you Best of Eastbourne for your support :-)


Work has begun on the PIGS App which we hope to publish via the iTunes store at some point in 2012 this App we are determined will be free and will be a fun way to stay in touch .


We have written our Ghost voices article for issue 19 due out end of January and you may have noticed that our issue 18 article is also out now which has been given a front page listing and makes it into the 'featured article section of the magazine. Dear Santa is a list of things bits and stuff you may want for Christmas or may want to buy for a paranormal friend this Christmas time.


On top of all that we are reaching the completion of case file 'Field Place' with only the finishing touches left to do before we launch its court room where we will invite you all to look through the case file and vote as to if you think based on our evidence you feel Field Place is Haunted.


We have also been working on case files 'Elizabeth Castle' 'The Crown' and ' Mount Ourgile' along with trying to develop a new way of presenting the iOvlius data.




News update

Tim and Amy are about to write the February 2012 article to Ghost Voices magazine and are trying hard to link it with Valentines day in some way while the P.I.G.S December article for Ghost Voices is about to be published the article is about several cool things you might want to buy your paranormal friends for Christmas.


Also we have just added some more content to the Field Place case file in the post investigation page which basically lays out who the suspects are we are looking to identify .


Matt is busy growing a moustache for charity through November if there are any ultimately amusing photographs of this we will share on his profile page :).


Lib now returned from her maternity leave is keen to get back into the thick of things PIGS .


Lauren is soon to go out on maternity leave but will be in close contact while she is away.


Tori is on the job of trying to find teams that would like to investigate with us and Kevin who is a seasoned investigator will soon be updating his profile page


Kevin is a brilliant writer and we will be asking him to give his ultimately amusing commentary on several things paranormal.



Field Place

We were very pleased with the Field Place investigation and will over the next few weeks be adding the data to the case file .




Proud to announce

The PIGS are proud to announce that Mr Kevin Ling has joined the team. Kevin is a well respected and very experienced investigator with a fantastic scenes of humour. Kevin's code name will be Foxtrot Alpha and we very much look forward to having him with us :)




The Mirus case file data is coming on well with all the EVP's now processed an published all of the first night of CCTV watched and stills taken, some of the incident board examined also the environment data retrieved and published we have only the second nights CCTV and other video to process.


Field place report that all spaces have now sold out so looks like its going to be a very busy night looking for the various ghosts with a great host of guests to help us.



The return from Mirus

Currently we are looking through the collected data from Batterie Mirus. With our teams there were 52 EVP recordings. Each recording contains a number of questions. From the first six files we have collected 18 questions that have a possible response although we wont know for sure if the captures are of any value until we have properly examined the sounds that follow the questions asked.




The all new web site hits the net running

Welcome to the PIGS site we hope you enjoy the much revised content and navigation. If you find any bugs, broken links, typos or other please let us know.




August news update
Much has been happening in the PIGS this month . Firstly a HUGE congratulations to Lib and Mark on the Birth of their daughter Sophie , all are doing very well, Lib as you may know won the PIGS annual certificate for outstanding contribution for 2010 .

Matt Laker has appeared twice on One man and a show which is live every Tuesday night on ParaRock TV.

Amy and Tori joined up with Farsight PRS for an investigation in to Eastbourne's Hippodrome theatre.

Tim has appeared as special guest on Swindon 105.5 FM the outer limit show with Paul Develin and has agreed to return again before the end of 2011,
Tim will also be appearing on Brighton Reverb FM soon to talk about the PIGS and all things spooky.

Tim also was asked to do a screen test for BBC America this month which he has done and we will have to wait and see if he managed to make it or break their camera.

The new will now most likely have a soft launch soon and a major upgrade launch late September we hope to bring new and exciting standard to our paranormal web site much as we did with the old 5 years ago with livestream, case files, live EVP, funny videos etc etc. this time we have some new stuff to bring again .

...Just back from the Haunted Castle weekend in Jersey
Over the weekend of 22nd to 23rd July a P.I.G.S team had the privilege of hosting an Anthony Nolan Haunted challenge event at two beautiful castles in Jersey. The results will be published as soon as we have examined all the collected data. Also in other news will be changing to a new look web site in the coming weeks, we feel the new site which will be right here will contain all the content from this site but will be much easier to navigate.



New Location investigation

The P.I.G.S Team will be visiting 'The Crown Hotel Everleigh, Wiltshire. Originally a 16th century coaching house, The Crown Hotel has been a local landmark for many years. With traditional features such as real log fires, large gardens, wooden floors and so rumour has it, multiple ghosts in residence - The Crown Hotel has always been a welcome stopping point for the weary traveller. Our researcher, Matt Laker, is back to the study of who, when and what happened, to give us the information we need; as we along with some special guests have the opportunity to investigate this historic location.

Heres some of the things people have said about their Fright Night with the PIGS team.





Winter Break

Currently The P.I.G.S investigation team are all on non P.I.G.S business in terms of investigations. Matt Laker is joining up with Team Spirit for a few jaunts this winter, and the other members of the team are enjoying some quiet down time. However there is a great deal happening behind the scenes, with W

work on videos, books, investigation plans, equipment reviews, and getting ready for the 2011 relaunch. Tim will continue to do Random Tangents the YouTube Vlog while Amy will also continue with 4EPOnly, and they both work together for Haunted 911, Man about Town section and of course the Ghost Voices articles. For any further information or just a paranormal chat e-mail us at




The P.I.G.S latest news

September has seen the return of Random Tangents, The P.I.G.S own Tim Brown kicks off his You Tube vlogs again for the winter season also he continues with 'The Man About Town' slot on Haunted 911 radio which is a humorous look at all things haunted. Ghost Voices magazine release their Halloween special which contains the P.I.G.S article The Thirteenth Sign, which is a look at the signs of a haunted house and what they have in common. Currently the team are in talks with Anthony Nolan about next year's charity investigations.




Goodies Corner







Next Event

Yesterdays World 2014 ghost hunting event


Next Event Video

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