Mirus Post Investigation


Post Investigation: Points of Interest


The event was an investigation held over two nights, which gave us the opportunity not only to collect a lot of data but also to compare the results over both nights.


Firstly, personal experience, the interesting thing is that there was a lot of consistent points raised by different people, for example three characters stood out.


1. A  German Officer.

He was detected and described by people independently on both nights. Described as very tall (6'5"ish), a very assertive and forboding man. He was detected in the area that we had called the 'Trogs' room - actually this was the original NCO's Room.


2. A  German military man (rank unknown)

He was described by people on both nights as having a damaged face - some kind of deformity or injury to his left eye, he was aged at 20 years. He was described as being around 5'8", and present around the 'Shell Room'. This character was more friendly and a bit of a lady's man apparently!


3. A  small boy aged 8 years old with people over the two nights describing him as being named as: 'Edward' 'Eddie' or 'Teddy '.


There was also a time on the Friday event where a team was in the gun emplacement as was calling out for a whistle ("If I whistle, can you copy me?"). While the group had no whistle response, they did hear a shout from within the bunker which sounded like it was coming from a loud speaker; it shouted "Achtung!". The team on their next location was with Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe where he was demonstrating ghost hunting kit. He mentioned that on the previous group he kept getting whistles on his ghost box - which was completely out of context from what he was doing and a sound he said he hadn't heard coming from the ghost box at all.


On the Saturday night a team claimed that they were getting a torch to flash in Morse Code. When, in the break, they described this to Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe he said that he could do some Morse Code experiments which he did. He programmed his iPhone to play back Morse Code from a sentence he had typed and we had set up an audio light and the torch to look for a response. This didn't work as no response was given. However when Ciaran demonstrated his 'ghost box' a series of clicks could be heard and were loud enough to illuminate an audio light - it looked like dots and dashes so Ciaran typed in the dashes and dots as they appeared on the audio light and the translation of the message read: "I am a man".


There were also several points of interest described by Chris Conway. He was in the crew rooms when he was talking about a man being present and telling him things. The word 'Bulldog' kept coming up. None of us knew what this was about on the event but later discovered that the liberation ship sent to Guernsey to take over the island after the German surrender, was HMS Bulldog.


Video evidence was also interesting we has camera shake on a tripod mounted CCTV cam at a time when nobody was near it. Another camera suddenly suffered an enormous amount of static interference for about ten seconds and then returned to working as normal. We also caught a shadow figure walking past in the distance. We have since tried to recreate this shadow and found it impossible without ourselves appearing on the video footage.


Automatic  writing threw in some interesting results with a fairly clear eagle drawn following the request: "Can you draw me a sign?". There were also five hearts drawn which was the same number as ladies in the room.


We have 14 possible EVP captures from about 3 hours of EVP recordings. Please visit the evidence page to listen for yourself.


Unfortunately our data recorders although seemed to be working fine on the events, returned no usable data once they had been downloaded which was very odd as we have never has a malfunction of this kind before. However it is not unknown for electronics to fail from time to time.



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