The news feature of our website has been totally neglected over the past few years and while reviewing the site fo needed updates this has come to light.
We will attempt a monthly update on whats going on, whats being worked on and any new things coming though for this section of our site.

Looking back at 2019 there were so may things we are extremely proud of, So many firsts such as the Military German Underground Hospital, The Stag theatre, our return to the Eastbourne Hippodrome, We stated to use the SLS as a mobile unit, We developed a Portal style system for out Franks box. We welcomed new team members Michelle, Sanchia, Mandy, Rob and Cate and we said goodbye to some too.

We spent 6 months of 2019 talking to our guests using focus groups as we worked on an alternative ghost hunt format, testing it and trying to align with the things our guests want from this kind of event or experience. Through this work we hope we can release something we can all be proud of in 2020.

Thank you everybody for just being fabulous guests, friends and colleagues 🙂


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