Elizabeth Castle Ghost Hunt 17th June 2023

17th June 2023

Elizabeth Castle

The construction of the castle was started in 1594, under instruction of Paul Ivy, a Military Engineer. He constructed the Upper Ward area of the Castle, which was finished in 1601. It was named ‘Fort Isabella Bellisima’ by Sir Walter Raleigh.

We investigated Elizabeth Castle a decade ago in aid of the charity Anthony Nolan. The location itself is breathtaking in its appearance; it also boasts a rich history and plenty of ghosts. Once you are inside the grounds you will be there for the evening, cut off by the tide, with only us and the ghosts of the castle.

On the night

We will divide up into small teams and each team will

*Conduct a séance.
*Use a genuine Ouija board.
*Do the scrying experiment.
*Take part in an automatic writing experiment.
*Hold a Franks Box session using a genuine Franks Box and energy generating portal system (one of only two in the world).
*Conduct an SLS experiment.
*Use high definition infrared video.
*Use a genuine Ghost Ark to record and listen to infrasound.
*Conduct EVP experiments.
*Use a thermal imaging camera.

Experiments overview can me found here

All of your team’s recordings of video – audio and data will be meticulously analysed and some of this process will be available for you to be part of via a live stream after the event. Once complete we will publish a highlights video along with all the thermal pictures, team camera pictures and team leader notes so you can see the results of your night with us.

We are hosting these events with the charity group Jersey Friends of Anthony Nolan to help raise much needed funds that will help save lives. You can choose either of these two options.

The sponsorship option

Sponsorship option £150

Pay a small deposit of £30 and we will send you a sponsorship form.  Raise £150 minimum (you just need 10 friends to sponsor you £15 to spend the evening with us in a haunted castle looking for ghosts). The money will be required from you at the beginning of June.

The ticket purchasing option

Full ticket £90

(Deposit £40 – Balance £50).

You can book with a deposit of £40, the balance £50 is due at the beginning of June, however you can settle before this date if you wish by revisiting the booking page, selecting deposit balance, and following on through the checkout process as you did when you booked. Or you can simply purchase the full ticket option of £90.

As this is a charity event we will not be refunding any deposit or full ticket payments if you wish to cancel. Ticket places are not transferable. All of your payments will go directly to the charity.

A week before the event we will send you the joining information which will detail parking, and up to date local information that is relevant to your evening.  You will be invited to arrive at 4pm because of the tides.

Once in the castle grounds you are free to wonder till 6pm when we will conduct a workshop and talk about ghosts and share with you some technical and spiritual ghost investigation techniques. There will be hot drinks available and you are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy in the castle grounds between 4 and 6pm. We will start our night looking for ghosts at 8pm. Your night will finish by 1.30am. We will transport you from the castle to the shore via 4×4 vehicles. This may take us a bit of time to transport everybody over however it is an important part of our heath and safety agreement with Jersey Heritage in order for us to be able to use Elizabeth Castle. We estimate around 30 – 40 minutes to get everybody safely transported across the causeway.

The-PIGS.co.uk online is acting as a booking portal and we will share your booking details (name, email address and phone number only) with the charity ‘Jersey Friends of Anthony Nolan’ charity registration number 038 as they are administering the events.

Jersey Friends of Anthony Nolan is a charity that supports the charity Anthony Nolan, charity registration number 803716.

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German Underground Hospital

Ticket Purchase option Avalible

Elizabeth Castle

17th June 2023

German Underground Hospital

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17th June 2023

Elizabeth Castle

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Elizabeth Castle

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