German Underground Hospital Ghost Hunts

21st October 2023

German Underground Hospital Ghost Hunts

Built during the occupation of Guernsey by Nazi Germany using the forced labour of prisoners of war many of them lost their lives during its construction. The Underground Hospital and Ammunition store stretches through one and a quarter miles of corridors and rooms. The Hospital area has eight wards, a mortuary, operating theatres, X-ray room, cinema all completely invisible on the surface apart from the entrance to the site.

We have investigated several of Guernsey’s haunted treasures in the past and each time we are told of the haunted reputation of the German Underground Hospital. To the people of Guernsey this is probably the most haunted location and I can tell you that the other places we have also visited were ranking very high in the how haunted is this place charts so I think we are in for a real treat. Many of today’s visitors have captured strange phenomena and possible apparitions in their photographs.

The mission will be to try and collect any evidence of ghosts using the latest investigation equipment and also some traditional methods which include an original Franks Box, Thermal imaging, The use of Infrasound capable Ghost Ark equipment, Full Infrared Video and many other devices.

In small teams we will be conducting various experiments old and new to try and establish who haunts the German Underground Hospital.

Tickets for the night are Payable with either a deposit of £34 and the balance around the begining of October of £35 or a full ticket option of £69. You will be invited to arrive at 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start. Your night will finish at 1.30am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try to decide for yourselves – WHO HAUNTS The Underground Hospital ?

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Saturday at the Underground Hospital
21st October 2023

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