Looking For Ghosts at Lewes Castle

Join us Looking for Ghosts at Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle is a medieval castle in the town of Lewes in East Sussex, Originally called Bray Castle, it occupies a commanding position guarding the gap in the South Downs cut by the River Ouse and occupied by the towns of Lewes and Cliffe. It stands on a man-made mount just to the north of the high street in Lewes.

The first motte, known as Brack Mount, was completed shortly after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 and the second motte, known as the Keep, was completed in the late 11th century. Both mottes were built by William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey.The mottes would originally have been surmounted by wooden palisades but these were replaced with masonry shell keeps at the start of the 12th century. The bailey area also had a stone wall with towers.Soldiers left the castle to engage with Simon de Montfort at the Battle of Lewes in 1264

In small teams the mission will be to collect evidence using traditional methods such as automatic writing and glass moving, right up to the latest ghost equipment using thermal imaging, infrared, electromagnetic field meters GhostArk and so on.

No experiment is compulsory as we do our best to identify who the ghosts are, and why they haunt this location though deep data analysis after the event

This investigation on the night will be very exclusive with very limited places available. The cost for the night is £49 per person.

Arrive at 8:30pm for an 8:45pm start. The night will finish at 01.30 am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try and decide for yourselves – WHO HAUNTS Lewes Castle?



June 29th 2024


September 7th 2024

Best evidence

Our first night at Lewes Castle will be this event so at present we have not collected any data.

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