Looking for ghosts at The Haunted Village of Bluebell Hill

Join us Looking for Ghosts at the village of Bluebell hill.

Kent Life Museum situated at the foot of Bluebell hill has three cottages a farmhouse, Village Hall and a Chaple.

Sandling Farmhouse

Originally owned by Wyatts of nearby Allington Castle, it is believed to be the secret meeting place of young Sir Thomas Wyatt and the future queen of England, Anne Boleyn

The last occupant of the farmhouse was tenant farmer George Brundle who lived there for 50 years until his death in 2001.

Petts Farmhouse (Rebecca’s cottage)

The Derelict building was dismantled and reconstructed to show life in Victorian times. Hidden in the walls and floors, various strange and mysterious objects were uncovered and reburied including a bone handle knife and a child’s shoe, believed to protect the house from evil spirits.

The most disturbing discovery was the remains of a wooden dol that suddenly appeared behind the front door with a small noose around her neck.

Many ghosts and spirits are said to wander these grounds. Perhaps the most famous is Rebecca, who died in a tragic accident at the farmhouse in 1912. She is often seen peering from a bedroom window, searching for Babs, her baby daughter.

We shall also be investigating the old Cobblers cottage, Village Hall and the Chaple all of which are said to be haunted.

In small teams the mission will be to collect evidence using traditional methods such as Automatic writing and Glass moving, right up to the latest ghost equipment using Thermal imaging, Infrared, Electromagnetic field meters GhostArk and so on.

No experiment is compulsory as we do our best to identify who the ghosts are, and why they haunt this location though deep data analysis after the event

This investigation on the night will be very exclusive with limited places available. The cost for the night is £49 per person.

Arrive at 8:15pm for an 8:45pm start. The night will finish at 01.30 am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience Looking For Ghosts in a hugely haunted location, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try and decide for yourselves – who haunts these amazing buildings?


July 20th 2024


September 14th 2024


October 19th 2024

Best evidence

Our first night here will be this event so at present we have not collected any data.

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