Looking for Ghosts at The Stag Theatre Sevenoaks

Staff have described their clothes being pulled or tugged at when walking around the theatre. Groans have been heard, shadows seen, doors closing on their own and steps as if someone is walking across the stage.
Poltergeist activity has also been reported in parts of the building. In the main area of the theatre, a seat has been known to come down on its own. You definitely not feel on your own in this 1930’s building, as spirits like to make themselves known. A piccolo has been heard on a previous investigation when no music was being played.

On its site previously was the luxurious Royal Crown Hotel, built in the Victorian era. An old established hotel with gardens, tennis courts etc,it was the social hub of the town where banquets would be hosted, the place to go for ballroom dancing and auctions. Recession hit and come the 1930s it was failing and was therefore demolished. The Majestic Cinema replaced the hotel in 1935/36. It had a small stage, a restaurant and café and was designed with 1360 seats. After being acquired by Odeon in 1943, The Odeon was and now remains the only cinema in Sevenoaks. Bill Haley and the Comets visited in 1957. In 1972, some rearrangement was done and it was renamed The Focus in 1975. It was then taken over by the Sevenoaks District Council and it became the ACE Cinemas before being leased to the Sevenoaks Theatre Action Group, a local pressure group which gave the venue its name of today: The Stag.


August 10th

Best evidence

Below are a couple of thermal shots taken from our event there in 2019. It was felt that there was a presence of a lady with the team at the time. you may also be interested in viewing our case file for the events highlight video from the night The Stag case file page

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