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25th May 2024

Join us Looking For Ghosts at Michelham Priory

After the fantastic night’s we had in October, and December doing this style of event at Newhaven Fort. We thought we would bring it to this amazing location too.

This event is for everyone and is aimed at ages 8+ with a walk around Michelham Priory visiting all of the areas and rooms that we investigate on our normal ghost nights. We will be telling you about the encounters we have had while looking for ghosts along with some of the Michelham staff who will share their first hand spooky incident’s.

We will show you some of the technology we use from K-II meters to SLS cameras – Thermal imaging to a genuine franks box we will also bring some haunted artifacts to show.

Reports of the supernatural are all over Michelham Priory, with many sightings. Staff and visitors often talk of a presence close by. The sounds of footsteps are heard walking through the corridors and various rooms and even the ghost of a little girl who its believed used to live at the Priory. From Black monks (Canons) to Grey ladies Michelham has it all.

For one night, you can have the chance with your family to come and have a look around this fascinating and spooky place right at the beginning of half term!

The cost for the night is £10 per head, 7:30pm to 8:45pm. By which time you will have had the chance to explore what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, in a famously haunted location. (under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult) 

Some of our favourite ghosts live at Michelham Priory!

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May 25th 2024


Michelham Priory

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