Rescheduled Events

March 2020 – December 2020

I ‘m sure you will all agree its been quite a challenging year. Our number one priority has been to look after our guests, protect your bookings to ensure when we emerge from the Covid restrictions we are it a good place to work within any current restrictions.

With all our locations we arranged fall back dates for every event that has been booked in 2020. As we have moved though the year we have rolled back events into these reserved dates, details of which are below.

All of our guests that were booked onto these events have been emailed individually and we have managed to rearrange all of our guest bookings.

Here is a list of the events that have been rescheduled as we have moved though 2020.

*The Stag Theatre 21st March >> 30th August
*Anne of Cleves 28th March >> July 11th >> September 5th
*Michelham Priory 3rd April >> 4th July >> 31st October
*German Underground Hospital 17th & 18th April >> 16th & 17th October
*Michelham Priory 1st May >> October 31st
*Wymering Manor 9th May >> 22nd August >> January 16th
*The True Crime Museum 22nd May >> September 19th
*St Mary in the Castle 29th May >> December 18th
*Festung Mirus 5th & 6th June >> 23rd & 24th October
*Old Brighton Cells 20th June >> November 13th
*Manor Farm 27th June >> 12th September
*Anne of Cleves 11th July >> 5th September
*Old Brighton Cells 25th July >> 20th November
Anne of Cleves 5th September >> 12th December
German Underground Hospital 16th and 17th October >> 30th April and 1st May 2021
Festung Mirus 23rd and 24th October >> 4th and 5th June 2021

Michelham Priory 30th October transferred to Tonbridge Castle same date
Michelham Priory 31st October transferred to Tonbridge Castle same date
Brighton Cells 13th November 22nd May 2021
Brighton Cells 20th November transferred to 15th May 2021
Tonbridge Castle 5th December Transferred to Tonbridge Castle 19th December or 6th February
Tonbridge Castle 12th December Transferred to 19th December or 6th February
Tonbridge Castle 30th January Transfer to 10th April
Tonbridge Castle 6th February Transfer to 7th May
Tonbridge Castle 27th March to 8th May.

Our mission from this point until the end of the year is to ensure all of our guests that have had an event rescheduled get their 2020/21 ghost event as soon as we can manage it within the current but ever changing restrictions.

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