Special Events


The Special Event,

Our special events are designed for experienced ghost investigators.

Our team leaders will take much more of a back seat but will always be on hand to set up and get you going with some of the technical equipments so you can investigate how you wish.

Special events only have very small numbers of guests which will increase the opportunity for you to be alone at times within the areas.

Some of the specialist equipment you will be able to use includes.

*Genuine Franks Box,
*Thermal imaging,
*SLS (stick man camera),
*Ghost Ark for low frequency EVP capture
*Infrared video plus more.

As on our normal nights We will provide light refreshments and after the event you will be invited to examine the collected data with us via various cloud and streaming facilities we will give you access too.

Tonbridge Castle Tonbridge

June 19th 2021

The True Crime Museum Hastings

April 23rd 2021

The True Crime Museum Hastings

April 24th 2021

The Old Brighton Cells Brighton

May 22nd 2021

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