The True Crime Museum

Set inside one of the caves on Hastings seafront this cave is claimed to be used by the infamous Aleister Crowley better known as an occultist and said by some to be the wickedest man in the world and labelled a Satanist by the media at the time.

As is that was not enough reason to want to visit the cave itself the True Crime Museum holds the artefacts from some of the most gruesome crimes ever committed. The bath from the acid bath murders, A lethal injection bed, a serial killers love letters, and the list goes on and on and on. Many people will tell you that items such as these still hold the dark vibrations of their horrific past.

Our Special event will have a very limited number of places, you will take part in using specialised modern and traditional techniques to attempt direct communications with those connected to the various artefacts.

Some of our experiments are

Using a genuine Franks Box plus a franks box sound chamber
Using genuine K-II meters with sound
Using the SLS camera or stick man camera as it is also known.
Using infrared video equipment
Using Ghost Ark EVP audio recording equipment
Using the PMB specialist detection devise.

After the event we will analyse every minute of every piece off collected data together via a live stream so we can discover the results together.

The night will also include a good variety of refreshments to keep us all going through the night.

The night will begin at 8:30pm and end by 1am.

3rd August 2024

Best evidence

Our first visit to The True Crime Museum was a normal event back in December 2015.
We captured various EVP recordings however the stand out piece was while our guests were holding a seance and a photograph shows a figure stood back from the group in a corner watching them. This was not one of our guests or our team and to this day no one can identify this figure.

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