Tonbridge Castle Ghost Hunts

Tonbridge Castle

The availability of places for this night will be low to really bring to the front the true experience of the dark areas of Tonbridge Castle.
We will be operating an exclusive format that focuses on your opportunity to experience something you would not otherwise be able to.

As always the mission will be to collect evidence using traditional methods, And the latest ghost equipment using thermal imaging, infrared, electromagnetic field meters Ghost-Ark and so on.

No experiment is compulsory as we do our best to identify who the ghosts are, and why they haunt this location though deep data analysis after the event.

This investigation on the night will be very exclusive with very limited places available. The cost for the night is £59 per person.

Arrive at 8:00pm. The night will finish at 01.00 am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try and decide for yourselves – WHO HAUNTS Tonbridge Castle?


April 26th 2025


Tonbridge Castle

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