Tonbridge Castle Ghost Hunts

October 8th 2022

Join the Tonbridge Castle Ghost Event
Be one of only twelve guests, we will be doing a special ghost exposure night you will have the opportunity to explore area solo, You will have access to the latest ghost investigation technology and also be able to take part in traditional experiments and methods of investigation.

We will start our night with a brief workshop on the equipment and ghost investigation methods, you will then head out in a small group with one of our team leaders who will give guidance, Halfway though the night there will be a break for refreshments before continuing your investigation. We have divided up the castle in to four vigil areas and you will spend time in each place where different equipment will be available and different experiments can take place ranging from Thermal Imaging, Ghost Ark infrasound, Genuine Franks box ITC experiment, Seance, Ouija Automatic writing, Scrying and much more etc etc etc.
At the end of the night there will be time for a debrief as we look for connections between personal experiences.

No experiment is compulsory as we do our best to identify who the ghosts are, and why they haunt this location though deep data analysis after the event

This investigation on the night will be very exclusive with very limited places available. The cost for the night is £69 per person.

Arrive at 8:00pm for an 8:15pm start. The night will finish at 01.30 am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try and decide for yourselves – WHO HAUNTS Tonbridge Castle?


October 8th

Best evidence

Here is a link to our case-file page and below is a short EVP video which shows a few voices captured at Tonbridge Castle and a hi lights video from our visit in November 2018

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