The White Rock Ghost Hunt

September 6th 2019 & January 11th 2020

The White Rock Pavilion Ghost Hunt
A ghostly apparition of a female figure hurrying about the building, described as wearing an old fashioned nurse uniform and seems to be carrying someone in her arms. Long skirt, white apron, Cap. She’s seen walking through walls.

Poltergeist activity has been reported in the theatre. Theatre goers have seen an old man wearing a raincoat vanish into thin air. Performers have had experiences in their dressing rooms which gave them the distinct knowledge that they were not alone.

The original East Sussex Hospital was replaced with the White Rock Pavilion which was opened by Edward, Prince of Wales in April 1927. The pavilion underwent a further re-modification in 1937 and again in 1985 when it was renamed the White Rock Theatre.

From its very beginning Hastings Borough Council ran the Theatre. As the years went by and the Theatre continued to run at a loss, the council decided to close the Theatre down. This announcement was met with the fierce opposition from local people and groups rallied round in support of the White Rock. In May 2002 Clear Channel Entertainment, took over management of the venue. On February 1st, 2009, HQ Theatres took over as operator of the White Rock in partnership with Hastings Borough Council.

The cost for the night is £45 per head, 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start. The night will finish at 1.30am, by which time you will have had the chance to experience what it is like to be a paranormal investigator, and had the opportunity to try a mixture of traditional techniques as well as modern technology to try to decide for yourselves – WHO HAUNTS The White Rock Theatre?

The White Rock Pavilion Ghost Hunt January 12th 2019
On our previous visit in January 2018, each team experiences something, on the right is the full length ghost hunt hi lights video which is footage taken from the teams infrared cameras as they went though the night. In the middle is one of a few interesting thermal images taken which shows a human shaped figure standing in a doorway, this figure is colder than the environment as its pictured in a purple / blue colour.

September 6th 2019

January 11th 2020

Best evidence

As we have not yet visited this location and it appears we will be the first to conduct this kind of event, there is not any evidence to show just yet. We are very much looking forward to attempting to collect evidence to support the reported ghost sitings when we visit in January 2018.

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