Dowsing Experiment

Dowsing has been around for centuries and over the years has had many functions. For example, dowsing rods used to find things and are still used today perhaps more commonly for finding water, however this isn’t their only function, they can also be used much like the pendulum for simply seeking answers to questions.

Once the user holds the rods or pendulum,  they simply need to ask a yes or a no question to which they know the answer to in order to see what response is obtained. Once the movements of the rods or pendulum have established the direction for yes and no, then other questions can be asked. For example, the response to a yes answer may be that the rods move further apart and that the response to a no shows the rods cross or moving closer together. With a pendulum, it may be that it swings in a circular motion for yes or swings side to side for no.

Through simple questioning, we would try and establish if we were in communication with a spirit and if so who they are and try and find out as much information about them as possible. Always try to think of things we can then research and validate afterwards.

The Ling Experiment

Sometime ago one of our team leaders had misplaced a dowsing rod and as such only had one for himself, he decided to conduct a one handed downing experiment. As much as we found this funny at the time, he was actually onto something. We now call this “the Ling experiment”, where the user simply holds one dowsing rod out in front of them and asks the rod to point to where there is a spirit in the room…. That night we asked a team of eight people to do the experiment of each holding a rod in front of them and to ask for the location of the spirit in the room. Slowly the rods moved and as they followed the direction of the rods, all eight of them ended up in the same place !

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