Franks Box

Developed by the late Frank Sumption around 2002, Frank claimed that the spirit world gave him the design. The Franks Box scans through radio waves providing the spirit world with a carrier or a medium to use to communicate with. Since this experiment came to light in the early 2000’s, it has been massively copied with various devices mimicking a Franks Box now known as a “ghost box” or “spirit box”.

An original Franks Box is an extremely rare piece of equipment. Frank Sumption did not build these for profit or to sell, he built them and gave them away to people who he felt could further ITC research using the box. There were only a very small number ever made and most of them are locked away as prised possessions. We are very fortunate to have an original Franks Box which we use on our events in the ITC sessions.

Best evidence

The short video clip below left is taken from our event at Castle Cornet in Guernsey. This session lasted around 30 minutes and there were lots of potential answers coming through.

Below right is a short piece taken from team ZH at Wymering Manor in 2018


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