Ghost Ark

Ghost Ark was to be the biggest thing in ITC research. The product launched in 2016, however due to some manufacturing problems a large number of the manufactured units (200) were faulty which caused the developer to go out of business. Some of the units were fine though and work perfectly. It is estimated that less than 100 units remain today in the world.

Ghost Ark has several functions, EMF reading, Environmental readings, Ghost box setting, but most impressively an EVP feature like nothing else ever produced. The Ghost Ark is equipped with two low frequency microphones and no recording filters so everything that is heard is recorded; this unit records as low as 6Hz below the range of human hearing.

We are very fortunate to have not only one but two of these units which our guests can use on our events, and we also have one of the original prototypes.


Below is an overview training video which we made to give our team leaders an insight to the use of Ghost Ark.

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