Incident Board Experiment

Through all events we have an Incident board set up in the base room. This is for guests to write a note (which is covered) about their team’s experiences and any information they have gained on their vigils. The board is segregated into different sections representing different vigil areas.

This becomes interesting information when the teams are reporting consistent things through the night. The information from this experiment is examined after the event as all care is taken to keep the content not visible throughout the night to ensure that suggestion can’t influence the results. The content from the board is then researched and where there is enough information we will try to see if we can find anything in historical archives to validate the information.

Incident Board

Best evidence

This experiment becomes partially interesting when research can tie in information gained and recorded on the incident board to facts connected to the location. We have had many hits over the years and many consistencies in experiences between teams not only on the night, but on different events at the same location also. Below are two simple examples where some skilled research (thank you Eline Baker) can pull us some interesting things.

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