Infrared CCTV

On our events, Infrared CCTV cameras are placed throughout the location and the pictures are sent back to the base room where they can be monitored by everyone. The entire night is recorded and footage will be examined for anything unusual that may have occurred.

This allows us to monitor the entire location looking for ghosts.

Our set up includes 6 wide angle infrared array cameras and two long distance infrared cameras, with just over half a mile of cable to connect them to the base digital video recorder.

Best evidence

Below we have two examples where CCTV played a part in capturing something interesting. The first clip was at an old victorian brickworks, it seems as though a figure or ‘something’ moves across the picture then changes direction and exits the picture. The video on the right was captured at a Nazi war battery reported to be haunted by a shadow figure resembling a German officer. From our CCTV, you can see somebody walking past a shaft of light. What we found interesting is that to cause a shadow by walking through this light, you would need to be 10 feet in the air. The image we see also has no legs.

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