Kinect Experiment

The Kinect experiment Is a Kinect camera hooked up to a laptop running a motion capturing software. This camera will map out any figure that it picks up and will display it in a stick man formation.

With his experiment we normally ask a guest to sit in an isolated room with the Kinect camera and see if they can make contact with the spirit world while the rest of the team monitor the session with the motion capturing laptop.

Best evidence

Below are two examples of this experiment. The first is at Field Place, where our guests could observe from outside the room on a laptop and each took it in turns to enter the room, sit on a chair and call out to see if they could encourage any spirits to join them. Mostly this experiment was unsuccessful apart from a period of about 20 minutes where you can see from this video some images were captured.

On the second video, two of our guests got a balloon after seeing the first results and wanted to see if they could get further interaction with what appeared to be spirit children on the first video. It appears that while passing the balloon, the object (possible spirit) in the empty chair pushes the balloon away.

Thank you Karen and Zoe for letting us use your video of this and for bringing the balloon 🙂

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