Ouija Experiment

Perhaps one of the more controversial experiments is the Ouija experiment. The concept is based on a group of people placing their fingers on the planchette and asking questions, for the planchette to move around the board spelling out words.

While mostly nothing or very little may come from this experiment in terms of information, sometimes the results can be very interesting. Our experienced team will always lead these sessions to keep the focus of the experiment from an investigative side.

This experiment has been “demonised” through the years by film makers and urban legend and as a result not everybody will want to take part in the Ouija session. None of our experiments are compulsory and this experiment is not available on all of our events due to some locations excluding it.

Experiment Example

The video below shows two people doing a lone vigil with a Ouija board, you can hear their suprise when the experiment starts to work.

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