Raudive Diode Experiment

Raudive Diode Receiver
Konstantin Raudive (Pronounced Row-dee-vay) was a Latvian psychologist and parapsychologist who studied under Carl Yung. In the 1960’s he carried out many EVP experiments and devised a method where the microphone was replaced with a germanium diode device. He discovered that using a germanium diode plugged into a recorder instead of a microphone helped improve the quality of the voices and gave a much improved EVP experiment.

This device was intended for paranormal research in the ITC (instrumental Trans Communication) field. The concept is to plug it into your recording equipment via the microphone socket, conduct your EVP sessions and examine the results. The Raudive Diode Receiver will not record audio as you have heard it but rather a soft white noise which is a means provided for spirit manipulation or as a carrier for spiritual voices.

We prefer to use this as a background monitor which will run throughout the entire event.

Raudive Diode Experiment

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Below are a few images of what equipment a Raudive Diode Experiment needs and a circuit diagram of the Diode unit itself. The video shows two examples recorded using the diode as a microphone.

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