Scrying Portal

Scrying is nothing new in fact one of the best known scryers was Michel de Nostredame or more commonly known as Nostradamus. Although Nostradamus used a bowl and water others have used black mirrors, copper plates, ordinary mirrors, It would seem that any reflective surface will work. We have developed the Scrying portal for use on our events’,. Mostly we are in total darkness do in order to see it is necessary for the scrying portal to give off a little bit of light and in order for this not to be harsh on the users eyes we have fitted flickering LED’s to give that candle light effect.

The results have been fascinating some of our guests being too creeped out to continue with the experiment. We have also had a collective of people all report the same image seen in the reflection.

The concept of the experiment is to ask the ghosts or spirits to step forward and show us who we are trying to talk to using the reflection and the mirror.

Best evidence

The best evidence was the night that multiple guests all described the same man coming though the mirror. 1920’s looking with lamb chop sideburns perching eyes and a drawn gaunt face.


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