Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is taking an image of temperature. For example, if an area is colder than the average temperature it will appear dark (or blue) whilst if an area or object is warmer, then it will appear lighter (from red, orange, yellow, white). This enables the user to see the environment in a completely different way and helps with understanding phenomena, cause and effect.

Thermal imaging has for a long time been out of reach for a lot of paranormal research groups due to its enormous cost. Today it is not something you will see as a common toolbut it is starting to become slightly more affordable. We use the FLIR thermal imager on our events (see picture below).

Best evidence

Just a couple of examples. In the pictures section below, you will see a sequence of shots taken where a cold figure enters the shot and moves around behind the lady (orange area). The other shot is a cold figure shaped area watching the group from about 20 meters away. After taking this shot, the cold area disappeared.

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