Hastings Museum


Late in 2019 we were told a ghost story about a location in Hastings. With the infomation we had at that time this brought its to this building which is now Hastings Museum.

We quickly made arrangements to host some ghost events set dates for early 2020 then boom! Lockdowns began. We eventualy held our first night on the 10th of July 2021.

Although our original ghgost story truned ouit to be just that a ‘story’ we did however discover a fantastic location.

With something that stands in the shadowy gallery area above the grand hall, to footsteps in the scooter room Hastings Museum is not short of its own expereances that seem to occour in the dead of night


in 1923 Mrs Frances Kidd instructed the architect Henry Coussens to prepare plans for a large family residence on the 2-acre site in Bohemia Road. This was known as John’s Place after her youngest son, a medical student who had died in 1909. The style of the house was Tudor, castellated, brick faced with stone, with large chimneys and heavy teak doors. It had a pillared loggia, an oriel window over the main entrance and leaded windows. Inside featured a baronial hall with a minstrel
gallery, a main oak staircase and magnificent stone fireplaces. By 1927 after experiencing financial difficulties, Mrs Kidd sold the house and by 1928 it was converted into the Museum and has been ever since.

An extension of an art gallery was added in 1932 as well as an extension to house the Durbar Hall, an intricately carved wooden hall originally built in 1886 and based on an Indian Palace. Further extensions were added in 2007 to create more gallery space.

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery’s collections include local objects dating back to before 1066, natural history and dinosaurs, Native American collections, fine art and the Brassey collection, a collection of objects obtained by Lady Brassey on her voyages around the world which include objects from China, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand and more..

Team Camera Highlights

Here is the highlights from the footage recorded on all of the team camcorders over two nights in July and Septeember 2021. Teams Mike Gold, Mike Hotel, Mike Romeo, Kilo Hotel and Kilo Lima.

Team leaders notes

here are a selection of the team leaders notes from our nights in July and September 2021.

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