King & Queen


The King and Queen public house has been at the centre of local Brighton history and is a major landmark to anybody who sees it, although its not as old as you may think. Build in the 1930’s styled to look much older. There is a fascinating account from history, behind the building was an army barracks where a murder took place. Today after the re building the pub sits on top of the scene of the murder. Could this be why so many people report ‘something strange’ in the back corridor? Why not go and visit this awesome place for yourself the corridor is behind the bar on your way to the loo.

Ghost Stories

Every time i go to the ladies loo i feel a presence in the corridor leading up to the loo’s”

“Ive spent a long time at the King & Queen and i know there is the ghost of a man in a corridor that leads to the upstairs kitchen area”

“I have seen a man walking down the hallway late at night, i followed him to the stairs and he was gone”

“There is the spirit of a lady in the ladies toilet area i think she is very sad and is looking for somebody”

“Im sure the is something that watches me when im in the cellar”

“The ghost in the upper hall way is called John a medium told me his name one day out of the blue”


1722- First buildings built in Marlborough Place
1779- The King and Queen granted a license to cater for cricket and other sporting events held on the Steine.
1822- Suicide of Thomas Blamey in the courtyard between the King and Queen and the Church Street Barracks located behind.
1822- Corn Exchange held here every Thursday.
1862- John Flood shoots John O’Dea in the courtyard of the Barracks behind the King and Queen

1868- Corn Exchange moved to a new location

1911- Kelly’s Directory of Sussex lists No.13 as the King and Queen Hotel, and also as the Southern Counties Fur and Feathers Association (W.J. Donne sec.). 13a listed as a motor garage (also run by an Edlin- Walter Edlin and Nevil Hodgeson)

1931- the King and Queen undergoes a major refurbishment, after a redesign by famous Brighton architectural firm Clayton and Black. This firm was responsible for the Duke of York Picture house, the oval concert hall that was the pride of the west pier, and several of the local churches. How much was rebuilt is unclear, although the Listed Building record seems to indicate that the majority of features date from this time.
1967- Three rooms knocked through to create a Medieval Nobleman’s hall.
1997- the King and Queen pub is granted a Grade II listed building status on the basis of its architectural significance, as is the Duke of York Picture House..

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