The White Rock


It was a massive privilege to have the opportunity to investigate the White Rock Theatre. Because of the extremely busy schedule of the location it is ‘almost’ impossible to get the chance to hold a ghost hunt there. We believe there has never been a ghost hunt at this location before despite its many ghost stories which have accumulated over time. The location did not disappoint. On the night of the 26th of January 2018, we had access to the dressing rooms, Gallery, Auditorium, Sussex Studio, and the basement known as the old mortuary.

The original East Sussex County Hospital 1910


Originally the ‘East Sussex Hospital’, the building was replaced with the White Rock Pavilion which was opened by Edward, Prince of Wales in April 1927. It was built for the Hastings Municipal Orchestra. The pavilion underwent a further re-modification in 1937 and again in 1985 when it was renamed the White Rock Theatre.

Thermal Image

Through the night the teams Mike Lima, Alpha Charlie, Sierra Whisky and Zulu Hotel were using the thermal imager. Many teams were repointing seeing shadow figures at one of the doorways in the Auditorium area and would constantly check on their radio to ensure no one was with them. Team Zulu hotel took these two thermal shots. in the images you can see what appears to be a figure standing in the doorway. The way Thermal imagers work, they do not see light like an ordinary camera, they only see heat. On the bottom right of the images you can see that the warmest part of the image is 21c so in the image anything which appears white will be of that temperature. the coolest part of the image is displayed on the bottom right the image so anything in the image which i black will be of that temperature, as you can see our figure being darker then the yellow would men that the figure is in fact colder then the average of the environment caught in the image.

The Base Room area

Sussex Studio side room area

Small Dressing Room

The Stage

Large Dressing Room

The Auditorium

The Gallery

Side Corridor


On the night we had four teams, each team has an infrared video camera. The video opposite is the hi-ligts from our first night at the White Rock. The video features team Sierra Whisky conducting whats known as the Franks Box experiment, where communication with the other side is attempted using radio waves and static white noise. It appears the team did achieve some form of communication however with a relative of one of the team rather then anybody connected to the White Rock itself

There was also accounts of a shadow figure seen walking around the perimeter of the auditorium and a black figure seen on the tape area, while the video does feature this experience its not clear on the footage if the is a trick of the light.

Incident board

Through the night we have an evident bard, where our guests can write down any of their experiences, place them on the board. Here you can see the content of the board from the White Rock.

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