True Crime Museum


The True Crime Museum situated on Hastings sea front is an extremely interesting an innovative idea, holding its collection of gruesome artefacts from some of the most gristly crimes.

Set inside one of the caves on Hastings seafront this cave is claimed to be used by the informs Alter Crowley better known as an occultist and said by some to be the wickedest man in the world and labelled a Satanist by the media at the time.

As is that was not enough reason to want to visit the cave itself the True Crime Museum holds the artefacts from some of the most gruesome crimes ever committed. The bath from the acid bath murders, A lethal injection bed, a serial killers love letters, and the ;list goes on and on and on. Many people will tell you that items such as these still hold the dark vibrations of their horrific past.

Even if you don’t manage to come on our special ghost events at this location do treat yourself to a day time visit to the museum, you will not be disappointed in this truly unique experience.

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