Video Highlight Archive 2021

When the night is over we analyse every piece of data looking for anything of interest. We release highlight videos of the nights for our guests to look back on

Event: Tonbridge Castle November

Event: Hastings Museum November

Event: Newhaven Fort November

Event: Newhaven Fort 23rd October

Event: Field Place 29th October

Event: Wymering Manor November

Event: German Underground Hospital 17th & 18th September

Event: Field Place 8th October

Event: Mirus 15th & 16th October

Event: Newhaven Fort 17th September

Event: Hastings Museum July 10th & September 4th 2021

Event: Manor Farm August 2021

Event: Wymering manor 31st july

Event: Manor Farm July

Event: Tonbridge Cast 19th 25th & 26th June 2021

Event: True Crime Museum 11th & 12th June 2021

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