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Yesterday’s World occupies numbers 89 and 90 High Street, Battle. The original building at Yesterday’s World is over 600 years old. It was built in 1410 for the accountant of Battle Abbey. Over time it was converted into 2 separate dwellings (numbers 89 and 90), which have been home to a long list of occupants over the years, including a boarding school and
dentist’s surgery, as well as private dwellings. Unfortunately Yesterdays World closed their operation in Battle late 2015 and the building in now in private ownership.

Ghost Stories

My first encounter was when I went to enter the chemist on the middle floor, when all of a sudden I was pushed out of the shop entrance.
The push was very hard forcing me to fall backwards and land onto tracy who was standing behind me. Prior to entering the shop I walked past the entrance and felt very uneasy but still decided to go in. Whilst standing at the shop entrance I saw what looked like a dark shadow coming towards me it was then that i was pushed out of the shop.

Later on we were led to the children’s room which is in the attic were we tried various communicating equipment.
Then we decided to split into 2 teams, me and tracy to stay in the childrens room and the others at the top of the stair well at the end of the corridor. We decided to sit at the top of the stairs in the childrens room and we were just having a conversation when suddenly the room became cold and then we saw a dark shadow which seemed to be around the childrens bed then started to make its way towards us this is when we decided to leave and when tracy fell over in the corridor.

My last experience of the night was when we were gathered in the street were the post office is. We were all standing and tried communicating when all of a sudden I felt a presence to my left side but when I looked their was nobody there, then I felt pressure on my chest and felt like I couldn’t breathe this is when I decided to leave the group.

Reports of unexplained occurrences include

Staff claim to have heard footsteps on the floorboards overhead when the museum has been empty. Some will not go upstairs on their own.

A lady in a long dress has been sighted by a visitor on the stairs.

A cowled monk was sighted upstairs in what used to be the main bedroom of number 89 (now the Chemist Shop). Apparently the old lady used to keep it locked up after being awoken one night by a presence in the room and seeing the figure of a monk trying to pull her husband out of bed by his legs.

The builders working on the Chemist Shop reported feeling uneasy as if they were being watched.

The sound of a baby crying (part of the push button commentary in the Nanny’s Room on the attic floor) has been heard going off when there’s been no-one upstairs. Not the commentary, just the baby crying.

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