Alpha Charlie

Team Alpha Charlie welcomes all types of paranormal investigators, believers, sceptics, newbies, regulars and experienced. We enjoy all the different equipment and methods of investigation, and adapt to all levels of experience. We are flexible in the running of the team, organised, professional. We will work all together to debunk or accept as paranormal. For us the most important when leading the team is for you to enjoy yourself, gather as much evidence using all the equipment at your disposal but also experience how great the locations are!.

Team leader: Audrey Grinsted

Joined the team in 2014

Audrey is our P.I.G.S. team leader known as Alpha Charlie.  Speaking both English and French has come in handy on quite a few investigations! Audrey has completed courses with Dr Ciaran O’Keefe on parapsychology and witchcraft.

Team Asisst: Emma Grinsted [waiting for info]



Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues

Best Team Picture awards are for the highest percentage of winning team pictures over a year

Best Mugshot awards are for the most winning mugshot photographs from guests on the team over a year

Solo Challenge

In 2024 while at The Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne we gave the team leaders a camera and an empty location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Audrey and Emma’s challenge footage.

Solo Challenge

In 2023 while at Kelvedon Hatch we gave the team leaders a camera and an empty location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Audrey and Emma’s challenge footage.

Favorite Experiment or Vigil

Seance experiment poster 397 538

The Séance, A traditional experiment to try and contact the dead or the spirit world, asking for them to come through to us, sit with us, speak with us etc. 

The Thermal lmager is a camera whis doesnt need light it only sees temperature. Whan yousing this camera we are looking for human figures that are not human tempreture or figures which can not be seen with the naked eye. 

The Franks Box experiment using an extreamly rare original Franks Box we will try and communicate in real time with the spirits around us, the idea is the box provides whinenoise that the ghosts can use as a carrier for their voices which enables a real time conversation. 

Favorite locations

The German Underground Hospital

Elizabeth Castle in Jersey

Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory 

Michelham Priory

Tonbridge Castle

Team Alpha Charlies ghost captures

The team were unaware that stood at the back was a human shaped figure which is not of living temperature 

Random snap shot shows what appears to be a person stood where no one was at the back of the room. The True Crime Museum in Hastings

Themal capture of a cold human shaped figure at Field Place

Random snap shot shows what appears to be a person sat at the back of the cafe area. The Stag Theatre in Seven Oaks.

The team were unaware when taking random shots in the chmbers area of the Old Brighton Cells that something was in the walk way on the left. 

While doing a solo vigil in the jail on Herm island the video camera sweeps past the door and then back again, on the first pass a face can be seen looking in on the sweep back it had gone. 

While examining CCTV from Mirus, a lady screamed and said something had walked poassed the doorway, on examination of the footage we found this

Strange green mist goes past a camera at the Hippodrome in Eastbourne

Team Feedback

“Excellent knowledge of all the equipment available with a little bit of history about them too. Happy to lead when needed and equally happy to stand back and allow the group to do their own thing (within reason). Speaks french (ooolalaa) and English”. EB 03/2017

“There is a great mix of fun, humour and friendliness mixed with professionalism, knowledge and flexibility. You are given options about what you want to do personally, things are explained, and you always feel welcomed and as if you are a valuable member of the team too. I hope to have the pleasure of many more Team AC events – there’s always a certain Je ne sais quoi in the air!” DN 03/2017.

“The reason i choose team AC is because Audrey is very aproachable she makes you feel welcome and part of the team, she also seems to be interested in what you have to say and your views and thoughts on the paranormal and does not judge for this. Audrey comes across knowagable about the subject and has a love for it that not everyone has. I have been ghost hunting for many years as part of differant groups and the pigs are a group I always come back to, their events are always well run. The other thing I like about Audrey is that she is not in love with her own voice and shows an interest in peoples views and likes to include the group. I have the upmost respect For Audrey and am looking forward to seeing her soon”. MH 03/2017

“You are nice and take an interest in you group and always happy you have a chat make sure everyone is ok and getting what they want from it”. MH2, 03/2017

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