Alpha Kilo

Team AK is an inclusive team where the idea is to investigate in a fun and safe way. Our team is looking for evidence of the paranormal encompassing various techniques to achieve results at some amazing locations in the South East.

People who are sceptical, people who want to believe but need to see for themselves, people who are already firm believers and people who are already enthusiasts with their own detection equipment are all welcome on my team as we will all work together to see what we can discover together.

Alpha Kilo

Alpha Kilo


Team leader: Angela

I am a newer member of the P.I.G.S team (October 2018) and became involved after attending a family investigation with my daughter.

I have had an interest in all things paranormal since I was a little girl and believed I saw a ghost in my room one night, this gave me a thirst to learn about various elements of the paranormal.

I have recently been on a Mediumship Development Course in the belief that this may help with my work with the P.I.G.S and being able to provide a better experience for the guests on my team.

Professionally I work for the emergency services in a training capacity and use my skills to encourage those guests who are feeling a little nervous, likewise I will also encourage guests to complete solo investigations.

Being on of the teams first aiders you are all very safe in my hands..


Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues


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