Kilo Hotel

No two events are the same you could find yourself in the middle of some spooky happenings but if not the laughters and joy I promise to bring to the events will keep you going through the evening. I aim to please and keep you entertained as well as let you discover your own sense of all things “spooky”.

Team leader: Kerry

I’ve been interested in all things paranormal since such a young age, also being a spiritual person this has always brought me much comfort in life knowing our souls live on and these souls still want to communicate with us through various pieces of equipment or even just out of the blue .

I’ve been ghost hunting for over a year now and so proud to be part of the pigs team to be able to develop my skills and knowledge of using various pieces of equipment. I’m also a full time mum , and my day job of being a teacher which gives me the opportunity to show off my communication skills.

Best evidence

Fav locations would be Manor Farm and Field Place , and fav equipment is Ouija and Franks Box

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