Kilo Lima

Ever present and every jolly Kevin who heads up team Kilo Lima or Lama as he often refers to it. kevin is hugely experienced in ghost investigation with his first event being ever present in his mind at Battle Abbey in Sussex way back in 2002.

Team leader: Kevin Ling

Joined the team 2011

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Solo Challenge

We gave the team leaders a camera and an empty haunted location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Kevins challenge footage. Kevin discovered the terrifying one legged mummy of Tonbridge and sings stairway to heaven.


Kevin was awarded an outstanding contribution award in January 2021 for his huge contributions in team work all the way though 2020.
Kevin was awarded a Recognition Certificate for great team work when we lost most of our planed of the team to covid isolation for the Groundlings event March 2022

Favorite things

Favourite Location.

Battle Abbey in Sussex.

Favorite Equipment.

Ouija Board.

Favourite Equipment.

Thermal Imaging camera.

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