Kilo Mike

As a new team to pigs I look forward to welcoming you for a high energy fun evening using different equipment and vigils to go looking for ghosts. As part of team Kilo Mike I hope to team lead you to a night full of fun and evidence gathering

Kristie has many years of expereance looking for ghosts and has also been a guest on many of the PIGS event nights before joining us mid 2023. Spending sometime as a team leader assist with team Kilo Alpha.

Team leader: Kristie

Joined the team in 2023

Hi I’m Kristie and have 5 years paranormal investigation experience and after many nights as a guest of pigs was given the amazing opportunity to join the team! I love the thrill of looking for ghosts and have been to lots of venues around the south. One thing that’s always guaranteed is no two nights will ever be the same! Away from PIGS I’m a busy mum of two and an escape room enthusiast having successfully escaped from over 30 rooms!

Team Leader - PIGS Bookkeeper

Team Leader Solo Challenge

We gave our team leaders a video camera and set the challenge to head off an investigate an extreamly haunted area on their own. Here is Kristies solo challenge footage from the Stage and Basement of Royal Hippodrome January 2024.


The Solo award is given when a team leader earns their union flag which is worn on their sleeve, this is given when a team leader takes a team solo for the first time.

The Star of the Night award is voted on by colleagues who feel that another colleague should have the recognition for something outstanding on the night of an event.

Favorite Experiment or Vigil

Ouija Experiment

Ouija, An experiment where we attempt to get commination from the spirit world using a board and a planchette.

Kinect experiment

SLS, Structured Light Sensing camera, or stick man experiment Is a camera hooked up to a laptop/tablet running a motion capturing software. This will map out any figure that it picks up and will display it in a stick man formation.

Favorite locations

Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory

Preston Manor

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