Kilo Papa

Team Kilo Papa is all about giving you an enjoyable night and guiding you throughout to allow you to experience the paranormal for yourselves.

Team leader: Kirsty

Joined the team in 2022

I have been taking part in paranormal events for about 6 years and I’ve been a part of the pigs for the last year and a half.


Star of the night award is awarded after every event and voted for by the team at that event for who they thought was the Team Star of the Night.

The Solo award is given when a team leader earns their union flag which is worn on their sleeve, this is given when a team leader takes a team solo for the first time. For Kirsty this was at Merchistoun Hall in April 2023

Favorite Experiment or Vigil

SLS, Structured Light Sensing camera, or stick man experiment Is a camera hooked up to a laptop/tablet running a motion capturing software. This will map out any figure that it picks up and will display it in a stick man formation.

The Franks Box experiment using an extreamly rare original Franks Box we will try and communicate in real time with the spirits around us, the idea is the box provides whinenoise that the ghosts can use as a carrier for their voices which enables a real time conversation.

Best location

Michelham Priory

We investigate many locations which are all fabulous in their own way but my personal favorite is Michelham Priory.

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