Lima Foxtrot

In team Lima Foxtrot, the emphasis will always be on you enjoying your night. The ups and downs of Ghosthunting can be very much like fishing…. We can sit around waiting – or we can get a whopper! Regardless, I am here to ensure you have the best time with the equipment, locations and experiments provided. Come with an open mind be up for laugh and I will make sure you enjoy yourselves!

Team leader: Lauren

I’ve been a part of the P.I.G.S. for 10 years now and I love it! I fell into paranormal investigating quite by accident and I’ve chased the thrill of being frightened ever since. When I’m not ghosthunting I’m working in customer service, being a dance-mum and running round after my two girls and husband.


Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues

Best location

The ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire or Mount Orgueil castle in Jersey where I had a particularly scary experience at the top of the tower- it was fantastic!

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