Lima Juliet

Being a part of Team Lima Juliet is firstly about having fun. This is a team for both skeptics and believers in the paranormal. If this is your first ghost hunt or your 300th, I am certain you will have a fantastic time with P.I.G.S. If you want time along conducting solo vigils or in small groups, this can often be arranged if you let me know and it is encouraged! However, if you would rather stay together in a group you will not be left alone.

I do not claim to be a medium or have any clairvoyant abilities what-so-ever and if you do I would love you to join and be part of my team to assist our investigatons in the future.

During an investigation with Team Lima Juliet, you will have an opportunity to use a huge variety of equipment used to communicate or record the presence of spirits. No one will force you to take part in anything you do not wish to and all communication is respectful.

I enjoy all of the experiments and the tools that P.I.G.S have to offer however my favourites are glass movement, Ouija, Franks Box and Echo Vox. I seem to often get positive results when using these on events.

I look forward to seeing you on Team Lima Juliet!

Lewis James

Lewis James

Team Leader

Team leader: Lewis James

I am a serving Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police with nearly a decade’s experience in many roles of policing. I used to work in uniformed policing but now currently work in the C.I.D and my focus is around investigation of crime. This links in nicely with how P.I.G.S operate. I have had an interest in the paranormal from a very young age and used to love scaring myself stupid watching documentaries or reading books. I was a huge skeptic for most of my life until about 7 years ago when I had a number of unexplained things happen in my home. That’s when I looked at paranormal investigations and started my journey into this field and I love every minute of it. When i’m not working or on investigations I am a father to a 4 year old boy and a big football fan (keeping my team secret though).

Best evidence

I’ve had a large number of things happen to me but unfortunately 99% of them haven’t been recorded. My first experiences were in a former home, I witnessed photographs fly off the wall, telephones come off their stations and tissues streaming out of a box. This was all before I became a paranormal investigator.

Since I started going on ghost hunts (around 2012) I have seen, heard and felt many different things that I cannot explain. The most profound was during an investigation in Oxford Castle. We were stood in a circle in the catacombs calling out for a spirit to come forward. We were all holding hands and despite the room being dark there was enough natural light there in order to see the others.

Whilst looking at the light on an EVP device on the floor I saw a dark mass appear in the shape of a man. It came towards me and I could smell the strong stench of stale alcohol. Within 3 – 4 seconds the figure disappeared. This was witnessed by every person in that room and was the main piece of evidence that moved me from the skeptical side to the believer I am today.

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