Lima Papa

Lima Papas will always have fun on an investigation. We love the paranormal but will always be serious about what we see, sense or hear. I have an open mind and like to let my group take charge – you want to sit quietly we will, you want to sit out of an activity? No problem. It’s your investigation. I’m with you all the way to help or answer questions!

Team leader: Lucy Parsons

I’ve been into the paranormal since I was small! Always fascinated, always questioning. Outside of that I’m mum to a gorgeous boy, work in HR and am always trying to have a giggle.

Favorite Location

Too many to count! You can’t beat the Hippodrome in Eastbourne. I love old historical buildings and the stories they have to tell. Michelham Priory was my first proper paranormal investigation so will always have a place in my heart. I’m a Sussex girl and you can’t beat the history and spooky tales in our county!.

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