Mike Golf

We asked Mandy what could our guests expect from a night on team Mike Golf , her answer was all of the experiments and lots of fun an laughter 🙂

Team leader: Mandy Gibb

Mandy joined the PIGS team in November of 2018. Mandy has been investigating ghosts for over 18 years and is massively experienced in the subject. When asked which are favourite locations she chose Wymering Manor and Field Place.

Solo Challenge

We gave the team leaders a camera and an empty haunted location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Mandy’s challenge footage. (in the video she mentions thinking that people were in a room above her however she was complexly on her own. (clip contains the occasions profanity)


Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues

Outstanding Team Support Mandy was awarded a Recognition Certificate for great team work when we lost most of our planed team to covid isolation for the Groundlings event March 2022

Favoured Things

Favorite Locations.

Favorite Experiments

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