Mike Hotel

Team MH is all about having fun but still taking things seriously. I believe in using our senses then using the equipment and rational thought to back up what we feel. Team Mike Hotel keeps the energy high so we can have the best possible results and most of all ensures our guests are comfortable and happy with what we are doing.

Michelle Hatch

Michelle Hatch

Team Leader

Team leader: Mike Hotel

I’ve been interested in ghosts for as long as I can remember I saw things from when i was very young. My worst experience was at Michelham Priory where I had my some of my fingers on my hand pulled very strongly downwards. I’ve seen and heard so many things I don’t know where to start.

I’d love to investigate Hampton Court as my ultimate ghost hunt. I’ve been to so many places Woodchester Mansion being one of the scariest especialy knowing that once you are there its a very long drive way to actually get out.

I love being team leader for the pigs and always want to make sure the guests have the very best experience they can and love it as much as I do.


Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues

Best evidence

My favourite evidence is always the voices we get on evp – it validates everything we sense and feel. The best one was sensing a little boy at Yesterdays World in Battle and communicating with him only to have him speak into the evp recorder when asked to.

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