Mike Lima

Team Mike Lima is about searching for evidence of the paranormal, using a variety of equipment in some fantastic locations.
We are both co-hosts of the Paranormal Radio Show and love to hear about everyone’s experiences from both skeptics and sensitives.
Our day jobs help us to promote a belief in positivity which we like to bring to events.
Our emphasis is on making sure all guests have fun and an enjoyable experience..

Team leader: Mel Richardson

I have been part of the paranormal world for over 20 years and still enjoy it as much as the first ghost hunt.During the day I’m a teacher and love to travel, especially investigating the paranormal in the USA

Solo Challenge

We gave the team leaders a camera and an empty haunted location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Mel’s challenge footage. there is a part where Mel is in the Great Hall completely alone by a window and there is a male voice that can be heard without any audio enhancements.


Outstanding Contribution is the highest award given for massive team contributions over a year and voted for by team colleagues

Mel’s favourite hunted places

Verdun France

Waverly Hill Sanatorium

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