Papa Hotel

Team Papa Hotel, or also known as team Dave, with Daves who are super friendly, mostly experienced researchers. We are the most hyper, energetic, fun, completely buzzing, group of crazy people. We get our best results by being ourselves, tons of laughing and even singing to help and  give the spirits what they need to communicate with us. We look after each other, working as a team. Our favourite equipment seems to be automatic writing, glasswork and of course the Ouija board. I love all my Daves and Davettes, we have laughed together, sang and danced together, my team definitely rock and I love them all!!!!!!!!!!! WE ROCK !!!

Paul Holloway

Paul Holloway

Team Leader

Team leader: Paul Holloway

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For his outstanding contribution to the PIGS team voted for by his colleagues at the PIGS 2017

Best evidence

Our best evidence was captured at Burseldon brickworks near Southampton, in 2016 with an experienced team. Our group were doing their own séance, and it was very active straight away, with no leaders in the séance (just team members). The team were calling out questions and the spirits were responding by lighting up the correct coloured light on a REM pod we had on the table. The team were getting very accurate and very fast responses. After a while, one of our guests asked if the spirit could ring the bell in the middle of the table, everyone went silent and stared at the bell. About 20 seconds after asking, the tiny light on the REM pod started flashing really fast at the same time making a loud noise identical to the bell sound. The whole team cheered and contact continued right through the night. The atmosphere around the table felt like static, our team were incredible that night, I will always remember that bell sound!!!!!!!!!!! wwhhoo hhoooo.

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