Sierra Whisky

Membership requirements are enthusiasm, open-mindedness, the ability to laugh at oneself (especially in suitably spooky situations) and to be willing to embrace the unexpected. Team Sierra Whisky is about introducing people to paranormal investigation in the same accessible, fun, safe and professional way as I was all those eons ago. Spiritually sensitive people are very welcome and can be assured that Team Sierra Whisky and the P.I.G.S. have the equipment , expertise and non-judgemental approach to help explore and validate these abilities and beliefs.

Expert experience or knowledge is not a necessity but honesty, teamwork, laughter and the joy of the “hunt” is. Favourite experiments include evp work and using the KII meter for question and answer sessions. However, I’m very intrigued by the use of the Xbox Kinnect and mapping software.

Team Sierra Whisky

Team leader: Sharon Wilson

Queen and lover of all things 1980s. Ex marketing and PR officer, Civil Servant, Retail trainer, restauranteur and now trying to guide the children of our future. Brought up on Poltergeist and The X Files, twenty years later it was inevitable I’d find myself in the equally fantastic and frustrating world of paranormal investigation even though I still wouldn’t choose to watch a scary movie..even with a crowd of daylight…with a cushion to hide behind. Great wannabe expert of all things technical, love the gadgetry but sometimes it just doesn’t love me, have literally had a computer go up in flames while I’ve been using it but not on an investigation I hasten to add!

Best evidence

I’ve had some really interesting evp results over the years but my favourite personal experience was at a place called Nothe Fort in Weymouth. While on an investigation there, and during a group vigil, the tannoy system around the old fort sprang into life with loud static noises coming from the speakers around the tunnels, followed quickly by what sounded distinctly like many boots marching at once. These sounds of feedback static and marching carried on and off for a good five minutes or so but were heard by more than one group in more than one location. On further investigation after the vigils had ended, it transpired that the tannoy systems was not in use, working or connected to any power supply yet had still produced these noises.

I have also got a great piece of film footage from the wonderful Michelham Priory which was “caught” during an early evening pre-event walk round with the guest medium for the evening and a fellow investigator. This footage is particularly interesting as it was still very light in the building and you can hear a loud deliberate sounding knock on the tape initially which I comment on. As I then pan my video camera into another room the electric lights in the room ahead seem to flash on incredibly brightly and go off again. Once again I comment on this and we then go into the room where the lights had come on. We then ask out for any spiritual energies to affect the lights again if that was indeed their doing. Immediately on our request, all of the ceiling lights flared up incredibly brightly and then went off again. My favourite piece of this footage is the very nervous laughter of the experienced and seasoned investigator I was with at the time!

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