Tango Bravo

Team Tango Bravo is the longest running team in the P.I.G.S. For over ten years, many of our guests have been part of Tango Bravo and many of them remain as friends today. There is not always a team Tango Bravo on every event these days because of the strength in quality of the other teams. However, if there is something new to try you can bet it will be tried first in this team!

Team Tango Bravo

Team Tango Bravo

Team leader: Tim Brown

Made the team in 2006

For me it’s simple, can we find credible evidence that would stand up to scrutiny? Can we form a case file to prove a location is haunted beyond reasonable doubt?

Other accolades, Author of articles on technical ghost experiments for ghost voices magazine, Author of two books ‘Experiments of a ghost hunter, Paranormal logs. I’ve worked on a few TV ghost programmes as technical support and EVP analysis. But i think my biggest achievement is to have been part founder of the-PIGS.

Solo Challenge

In 2016 while at Valentines Mansion we gave the team leaders a camera and an empty location and asked them to venture off into the darkness completely alone, Here is Tim’s challenge footage. (we know that there is the sound of talking picked up by the camera which was not head at the time, One of the EVP’s features a voice which we are fairly sure is not from this and so have featured it anyway) 


Tim was awarded an Outstanding Contribution certificate in January 2021 for his huge efforts and contribution to team work and Covid safety though 2020.

Favorite Experiment or Vigil

The Franks Box experiment using an extreamly rare original Franks Box we will try and communicate in real time with the spirits around us, the idea is the box provides whinenoise that the ghosts can use as a carrier for their voices which enables a real time conversation. 

Electronic Voice Phernomina: EVP is recording voices that were not present at the time. Asking questions and recieving responses on audio recordings

The Séance, A traditional experiment to try and contact the dead or the spirit world, asking for them to come through to us, sit with us, speak with us etc. 

Favorite locations

Elizabeth Castle Jersey

Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey

Mirus in Guernsey

German Underground Hospital Guernsey

Michelham Priory

Michelham Priory Hailsham

Best evidence

The favourite experiments here are anything that can be recorded and replayed in someway. EVP experiments are top of the list and of course video recording because you get to see what’s going on. Not forgetting of course the Franks Box, while some say it is just radio noise perhaps this is true for the most part however, there are moments when the results speak for themselves and are truly fascinating and a little bit hair-raising too.

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