Team Kilo Alpha

Kelly has a huge amount of experience looking for ghosts and with spiritual things in general for many years Kelly has been investigating at many different locations with many different teams, we asked Kelly if she would consider joining our team back in June 2022. Kelly’s first event with us as part of the team was in September of the same year at Manor Farm and went on to lead her first team in November 2022 at Wymering manor.

Team Leader: Kelly

Team Leader - Mentor

I’ve always been a healer of sorts and have always had a facination with the unconventional and unexplained. I stumbled across the different ways of healing and finally found a good use for my crystal collection. So I studied hard and and finally qualified as a crystal healer and reiki practitioner.
These new outlets for my healing then lead me on to mediumship. Where I’ve learnt the skill of connecting with energies and relaying information. Mediumship takes in many forms, I performed my first public podium demonstration (via zoom) in San Francisco. Very few mediums get the opportunity to fledge in America before the UK and I was very lucky to have the opportunity. There are now many ways I help spirit and I’m very grateful to be able to. I thrive on creativity and encourage it on the investigations. If you like open mindedness, creative thoughts, fun and giggles I look forward to investigating with you soon.

Kelly's Krystal Klinikc

Kelly's Krystal Klinikc

Click though to see or event join Kellys Krystal Klinic a place where Kelly shares her vast knowledge of Crystals and positive spiritual vibes.

Team Leader Solo Challenge

On occasion we set a challenge and give our team leaders a video camera to go solo and investigate. Here is Kelly’s footage from this challenge at the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne January 2024.


Solo Team leading is recognition of leading a team for the first time. This is when a PIGS team leader earns their union flag worn on their sleeves.

Special Outstanding Team Support is awarded in recognition or support in a special circumstance.

Favorite Experiment or Vigil

Ouija: The concept is based on a group of people placing their fingers on the planchette and asking questions, for the planchette to move around the board spelling out words.

PMB Music box. Using detection similar to sonar (not PIR sensing) the PMB will map a location and monitor it. Should anything change in that location to its original calibration then it will activate playing a tune similar to that found in wind up vintage music boxes.

SLS, Structured Light Sensing camera, or stick man experiment Is a camera hooked up to a laptop/tablet running a motion capturing software. This will map out any figure that it picks up and will display it in a stick man formation.


Kelly's Innovation's

Ghost Bells.

The ghost bells idea was born whilst I was away on holiday. Using the theory that spirit energy can manipulate things in its surroundings and bringing it back to basics. Bells maybe a more familiar object to these energies? If they are manipulated in some way, we will be able to hear it. This way it can be used as a stand alone piece of equipment and we can leave it on its own without supervision

Communication Compass.

If spirits can manipulate physical things and register on a K-II magnetic field meter, can they influence a compass ? This is the idea and here is the compass.

Favorite locations

Preston Manor Brighton

Langley Priory Eastbourne

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