With the 2nd lockdown now in place, all events from November have been moved into December. We have been working on new dates and venues for 2021.
Currently we have two amazing places lined up however due to the covid restrictions we have not quite finished the agreements but all going well these two never been investigated historic places will be fantastic.

November sees more developments going on in the background as we explore some projects around bringing even more experience to our guests with special events and a specialised guest exclusive web access to the collected data, This will be a move away from our current publishing platform on facebook and we hope will enrich the experience and also open it up to our non facebook using guests.

Another project is trying to bring to life the team leaders pages with video, trivia and finding ways to get across the personalities of our team to our guests via the web.

So even though it feels like the ghosts are on pause for the month there is lots still to be done and lots still going on 🙂

Have a fab time everybody Stay safe and i hope we will see you soon!